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Breaking: Huawei HarmonyOS Developer Day set for April 17, check Activities, Announcements, and Event Agenda



Today, Huawei made an official announcement and confirmed that the HarmonyOS Developer Day event, which is held from April, 17th 2021 in Shanghai, China.

This one-day event will bring us the latest insights into the developments and highlights of HarmonyOS that includes:

  1. Experience the latest features of IDE and meta-service capabilities
  2. Experience the full-scenario innovative experience of HarmonyOS 2.0
  3. Codelab hands-on practice on HarmonyOS development.
  4. Get a chance to conduct a discussion face-to-face with HarmonyOS technical expert.
  5. Developers will also get gifts from the company at the event spot.

This is surely a big opportunity for the developers who want to step foot into the HarmonyOS world. But do you think that this is all we have in terms of the company’s offering at the event? The answer is No. Now, we’ve to dive into the conference agenda and get the timeline of the event, which is as follows:

Morning Agenda:

10:00-10:20: HarmonyOS operating system in the era of internet of everything

10:20-11:40: Partnership joint innovation plan

11:40-12:00: HarmonyOS Codelabs

Afternoon Agenda:

13:30-14:00: HarmonyOS meta service design and development analysis

14:00-14:30: HarmonyOS development platform and tools

14:30-15:00: How to use JS/Java to develop HarmonyOS UI

15:00-15:30: HarmonyOS component library usage practice

15:30-16:00: HarmonyOS distributed development example – take you to play with multiple devices

16:00-16:30: Huawei distributed calendar application development practice

16:30-16:50: Innovation Sharing by Senior Developers

HarmonyOS Developer Beta:

Back in December, Huawei started testing HarmonyOS mobile beta for the developers and begin the rollout of the beta builds. Since then Huawei has sent three beta software updates to the developers and now the company is moving towards the launching of HarmonyOS public beta testing, which could be announced at the event.

Recently, multiple Huawei phones including Huawei P30, P40, and Huawei Mate40 lineup, found to be working on HarmonyOS 2.0.0 software version. This moment draws our attention towards the approaching beta rollouts for general consumers. (Read more)

Huawei is aiming to deliver HarmonyOS on about 100 million devices, said Eric Xu the Vice-Chairman and Rotating Chairman of Huawei during the HAS 2021. He elaborates on the overall strategy of the company for 2021.

While previously, Wang Chenglu, president of Huawei Consumer Business Software Department, Huawei is planning to upgrade an overall of 300 million devices with HarmonyOS. Aside from smartphones, the company is also planning to upgrade tablets, wearables, and IoT devices as well as devices coming from third-party parters specifically from Autocar and home appliance makers.

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