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100 million Huawei phones will receive HarmonyOS update in 2021



On April 12, at the Huawei Global Analyst Conference Vice-Chairman and Rotating Chairman of Huawei, Eric Xu explained the overall strategy, which will be implemented in the coming days.

Additionally, Eric Xu said Huawei will continue to create a full-scenario experience and improve hardware and software service capabilities to provide a new user experience as well as make consumer life easier.

In the context of HarmonyOS (Hongmeng OS), he added that the company aims to deliver its self-made operating system to commercial consumers. Also, it is estimated that 100 million devices will able to experience HarmonyOS in 2021.

Recently, at the TEDxHouHai event, Dr. Wang said HarmonyOS is a new generation of intelligent device operating systems that provide a unified language for the intelligence, interconnection, and collaboration of different devices.

Previously, Huawei’s Vice-Chairman and Rotating Chairman – Ken Yu discloses that HarmonyOS has attracted more than 20 hardware vendors and 280 application vendors to participate in ecological construction.

Moreover, Huawei will officially release the HarmonyOS for smartphones this April. Adding to this, at the Mate X2 lunch event, it also announced that the first batch of devices, which will install the latest operating system, HarmonyOS includes Mate X2 and more models.

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