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Huawei claims over 50 percent of 5G base stations in China: Report



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Earlier this month, China Mobile announces its network equipment bidding results amidst Huawei winning the second larger 5G order of this year. Afterward, the five major 5G network equipment vendors in the Chinese market reshuffled their order with the Huawei taking first place.

As per the information, Huawei ranked first with a total share of 58% in China market, which can’t be overlooked in terms of 5G base stations. This list further follows by ZTE with 31%, Ericsson with 6%, Datang Mobile with 3%, and Nokia with 2% of the total market shares.

To date, the number of 5G base stations in China has exceeded 70% of the global base stations. The agile development of global 5G networks showing a great impact on the revenue growth of network vendors.

Huawei China 5G base station

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Particularly talking about Huawei, it has obtained over 700,000 orders holding more than half 5G base stations in China. With this speed, the day isn’t far ways when the company will solely dominate the market in China as well as overseas.

Besides, a TrendForce report state this Shenzeng based firm is the top mobile base station equipment supplier in the global market accounting for 30% of shares. In addition, it shows Huawei’s leadership in the base station market for nearly two years.

Previous in July 2019 the company cooperate with 50 5G commercial contracts and carried out 150,000 base station shipments. Furthermore, it has over 120 industrial cloud innovation centers working to develop its cloud technology providing better synchronization.

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