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Huawei is the top mobile base station equipment supplier in global market: TrendForce



Huawei 5G

A world-leading market intelligence provider – TrendForce released the global market share analysis report of suppliers of base station equipment. The report discloses that more than 70% of the market is covered by Chinese and European suppliers.

The top three base station equipment providers are China-based Huawei with the share accounting for 30%, Sweden-based Ericsson with 23% shared and the third one is Finland-based Nokia with 20% market shares.

The noticeable point is amid US sanctions, Huawei still leads the global market share and continues its leadership. In reasons behind these growing shares are the product cost and high demand from the Chinese market.

Furthermore, the fourth position is secured by Samsung in the global mobile base station share report. Also, Samsung is getting benefits of low costs and successful 5G commercialization efforts and achieved a share of 19.5% from last year’s 9%.

Trendforce mobile base station market share

Key to Huawei’s market share leadership:

The Trendforce reports suggest that by the end of 2020, the count of 5G users has exceeded 160 million in China that accounted for 89% of the global 5G network users.

Until July 2021, the three major mobile network operators in China, including China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom, have established 916,000 5G base stations in China, which comprise 70% of the global total.

To be mentioned, the above figures don’t only point out the impressive growth of the Chinese telecom market but it is also the key to Huawei’s leadership in the base station market for nearly two years.

(Source: Trendforce)

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