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China is a leader of 5G infrastructure, need Huawei and ZTE’s partnership as well as competitiveness: Ericsson President



The 5th generation of network communication provides us more than just a strong network for communication. Talking individually about China, the country has been adopting 5G network solutions at a speedy rate.

Not only the industrialist but the Chinese Government also working in this field. It took the initiative to include the “Optical Gigabit network” in its official work report. And the related company’s are also working in this direction.

The latest statics revealed by the China Academy shows that 5G solutions in China’s digital economy will account for 15.2 trillion Yuan for the next five years. However, at the global level, there is still more to achieve.

In concerns of the fact, many IT industrialist is willing to join hand and working for the industrial development under the win-win situation.

As of during the Boao Forum for Aisa under the theme “The Future of 5G” Ericsson thinks made a statement saying that as days pass by 5G infrastructure becoming more productive and innovative.

In today’s era, 5G is becoming the first priority of the IT workers China own the industry influencer such as Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent whereas the US owns the worldwide Google and Amazon.

There is no doubt that the competition is tough at the global level but China can be the leader of the 5G infrastructure if big names such as Huawei and ZTE will provide their association at the global market as well as the competition inside the Mainland.

It will help China to emerge as the 5G leader across the globe because there is really a need for quality competitors who made you push your limit. Talking about Huawei, it’s already emerging as the leader of 5G solutions.


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