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Huawei continues to receive support from communication operators in France



Huawei France

France is one of those countries which can’t deny the 5G network service and device of Huawei on some groundless bases. Despite the strict restriction in some regions of the global market, Huawei continues to receive support from communication operators in France.

Recently, the French telecommunication operators stated to keep using the equipment of the Chinese firm. On this matter, a report reveals that French national network agencies are proclaimed to use Huawei 5G technology for three to eight years that’ll end in 2028.

However, this contract won’t renew once it expires, which suggests that operators must have some other plans for that time. Still, this project is valid for eight years and the statement can change with mutual agreements.

As per the information, Franch Telecom stated it world remains using Huawei’s 5G network equipment in its various markets. Adding to this, the firm is serving about 50 countries with its transnational services. It means if Huawei’s equipment can’t be used in France, then will be inserted in other markets.

Huawei France

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Moving ahead, Trik Drahy a major shareholder of SFR which is another big name in French mobile communications also supports Huawei. He once commented on Huawei as his preferred company as it provides the best quality equipment at a relatively lower price than other providers in the industry.

More About Huawei 5G Projects:

Huawei, Vodafone, and East-West Intermodal Logistics of Hungary are jointly building the first 5G railway port in Fenyeslitke, Hungary. This project has a huge construction area of 85 hectares with 5G private network accessibility from Huawei and Vodafone.

Once the project fully completes, it can carry out the smart loading and unloading operations in about 1 million containers. Furthermore, it’s the first project of the Shenzhen-based firm to provide its network technology to a railway line in Europe.

(Via- CNMO)

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