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Huawei describes 4 modernizations and 8 directions of green 5G network



Ma Hongbo Huawei Green 5G White Paper

On 30th August, Huawei released the Green 5G White Paper in Shanghai, China. Company’s Wireless Network SRAN Product Line President- Ma Hongbo shares his thoughts about 4 modernizations and 8 technical directions of the green 5G network.

The idea behind this release is to discuss the dual carbon action plan in the industry. With this release, Huawei became the first company to lead the technical trends in the green 5G network field. It explains, network energy efficiency into an applicable energy efficiency evaluation system.

Because of construction architecture and application scope, energy efficiency’s current single flow extended into the energy efficiency evaluation system. It covers multi-dimensional agents like capacity, coverage, experience, accuracy, and so on that illustrates robust changes in the energy economy. Moving ahead the four modernizations, it includes-

  • High integration of equipment
  • Extreme simplification of sites
  • Network intelligence
  • Full life cycle environmental protection

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Huawei brand image

Now, let’s discuss the eight technical directions embodied in this green 5G white paper-


1) Multiple Radio Frequency Antennas:

The ultra-large-scale arrays RF antennas lead to a spatial beam concentration and enhances energy transmission efficiency. Furthermore, the equipment functionality increased by the use of multi-channel technology. Hence, the results are quite good.

Besides, the company’s test results proved that 64T64R’s bit energy efficiency of shown twenty folds greater results than compared with the 4T4R module.

2) Ultra-Wideband Power Amplifiers:

The use of ultra-wideband power amplifiers reduces energy consumption. The single frequency device can be merged as one to reduce the deployment cost as well as entry consumption.

The shifting of RRU from single-frequency to tri-frequency results in about 30% energy-saving benefits.


 3) Hardware Sleep Mechanism:

The hardware sleep mechanism is one of the reasons for lesser energy consumption in low and medium loads. To date, an estimated 30% to 90% increase in turn-off depth has been realized with a more polished hardware sleep mechanism.

To be mentioned, this turn-off depth and response time are the main factions affecting the energy consumption rate in the device.

4) Minimalist Sites:

Peripheral devices like air conditioners, refrigerators, etc are responsible for site energy consumptions. Using the centralized computer room, site outdoor deployment, and high-efficiency heat dissipation technologies can help in achieving up to 30% reduce site energy consumption.

Ma Hongbo Huawei Green 5G White Paper

5) Linked Stations:

The linked stations can help in reducing city power consumption by around 50%. If the user stations in business are linked with energy supply-energy storage-energy use and other factors, the data stream can be used smartly in energy-saving at the whole station.


6) Smart Network:

The years of experience of the technicians are bringing more innovations in the industry. Better allotment of the network factor including frequency spectrum and real-time carrier making necessary adjustments corresponding to the business changes.

Besides, Huawei PowerStar 2.0 solution delivering good results in more refined energy-saving solutions. The shutdown duration, operation, maintenance efficiency, and multi-dimensional collaboration are getting better in terms of energy-saving and network performance.

7)  Higher Standard Services:

As the industry is embracing the 5G network deployment, various solutions are emerging and leading toward more advanced solutions. The higher the network standard will go, the more every saving solution we’ll get.

8) Circular Economy Approach:

Coming to the circular economy, Huawei tried to implement a big green approach in practice. The green product life cycle management will surely help in preserving natural resources and achieving a low carbon rate.


At last, President Ma said, Huawei is looking forward to work with the other leaders to jointly carried out a green society in the industry. The Huawei Green 5G White Paper is just a small step to initiate this stream. The company is ready to join hands with the operators and work to achieve a win-win dual carbon fufture.

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5.5G increase network capacity by 10 times: Huawei



Recently, Huawei wireless network product line general manager Gao Quanzhong participated at IOTE·2021 in Shenzhen and speakers about the 5.5G network, benefits, current status, and future possibilities.

According to the information, the International High-precision Positioning Technology and Application Innovation Summit Forum was conducted on 24th October. The industrial leaders and invited guests deliver several keynotes about the network technology, problems, and future scopes.

At the event, Manager Gao stated that the global 5GtoB industry development is moving towards its peak with a steady growth rate. Currently, more than 20 different industries have adopted the 5G network while over 10,000 applications have been developed.

Going with the speech, the Huawei manager noted that the iteration of the mobile communication network is developing with each decade. In addition, each network depends on its corresponding bandwidth spectrum to provide a strong network connection in the era.


huawei 5g

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Gao Quanzhong further explains, alongside the network speed, the positioning accuracy also increases by ten folds in each generation till 5G. In this line, the soon-to-frozen 3GPP R17 standard is expected to achieve 0.5-meter positioning accuracy.

To say so, we have reached so far from the 2G network generation that the communication network has been advanced to cross thousands of miles in a few minutes. Thanks to the 5G, we are hoping to reach more heights.

Furthermore, the 5.5G will bring a ten-fold increase in network capacity alongside the centimeter-level positioning accuracy and the terminal standby. The report shows the terminal standby time will improve by more than two years.


Huawei 5.5G: Previous Reports

On this matter, Huawei previously stated to bring 5.5G between 2025 and 2030. The company wants to provide its consumers with a network capacity that can deliver Gbps downlink at a low latency as low as 5ms.

In addition, it will be able to support the sub-100GHz full frequency band with more advanced benefits over the 5G network. In previous reports, the Chinese firm also highlighted six areas that’ll be enhanced by the 5.5G, it includes-

  1. Spectrum reconstruction
  2. Uplink enhancement
  3. Full scenario IoT
  4. Synesthesia
  5. L4 autonomous driving network
  6. Green and low carbon

(Via- Ithome)

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Huawei launched All-optical Autonomous Driving Network White Paper



Huawei Autonomous Driving White Paper

At the 7th Global Ultra-Broadband Fixed Forum (UBBF 2021), Huawei launched the first “All-optical Autonomous Driving Network White Paper“. Huawei NCE Optical Network Marketing Director Wang Jinping elaborates this white paper document.

This forum was conducted in Dubai under the theme of “Connect +, New Growth”. At the vent, Director Wang stated driverless driving is not only creating a new experience but bringing a quality connection also.

He further mentions the all-optical network is the cornerstone of the entire communication network to the extent that it has become an industry consent. Speaking about Huawei’s goal, he said the company wants to build an efficient, safe, and green all-optical autonomous driving network, that will satisfy the following standards-

  • Contactless operation
  • Spontaneous response
  • Zero failure

In addition, these high-quality services will lead the entire industry towards joint development. Apart from the director Wang, the research director from a well-known consulting firm- Omdia also shared his thoughts about the all-optical network.

Meanwhile, the Huawei director emphasizes that the company’s autonomous driving strategy is a scenario-based solution in the industry. Furthermore, enhancing the network element and network layer is bringing more intelligence to the single-domain autonomy.


Let’s discuss the various aspects of the Autonomous Driving Network White Paper of Huawei-

Huawei Autonomous Driving Network Doc: White Paper Release

There are three aspects of this network solution that can improve the capabilities of the current all-optical autonomous driving network. You can scroll down to check all three points-

Digital intelligent:

According to Huawei NCE Director, dumb resources for the optical fibers and cables are major issues in the current all-optical network industry. Thereby the all-optical autonomous driving network solution introduces pre-connection and optical iris technology innovation in the network element layer.


This arrangement combines the image recognition and big data analysis and diagnosis capabilities of the iMaster NCE intelligent management and control system. Thus, the network layer is able to improve its capacities in the following aspects-

  • ODN Topology Restoration
  • Accurate Fault Detection
  • Accurate Resource Visual Management
  • Predict Slow-Changing Faults
  • Achieve Business Risk Investigation

End-to-End Home Broadband Experience:

The E2E home broadband experience guarantees a high-quality digital life experience and simultaneously solves WiFi-related problems. It aims to resolve 90% of faults originating from customer complaints that include installation and maintenance problems.

The network has achieved 30% of fault door-to-door and 60% of fault location time. In addition, it delivers a high-quality home broadband service experience after solving the root cause of the problem.

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Huawei Digital Energy Ecology Conference published the postponement



Huawei Digital Energy Ecology Conference

On 25th October, Huawei officially published the postponement announcement for the Huawei Digital Energy Ecology Conference. The company explains, due to the recent global pandemic, the original plan has been delayed further.

In addition, the reason is to control the present situation and strengthen the safety measurements for the participants. The company officially address the partners and participants to inform them about the delay.

The company also apologized to the guest for creating such inconvenience who were waiting for this event. And, also wants to show continued support for the company.

According to the information, Huawei Digital Energy Conference was planned for the 4th and 5th of November in Beijing, China. However, the company hasn’t mentioned the further plan but it’ll soon publish a separate notice to inform about the new plan.


Regards this matter the local media reveals, the current domestic epidemic is bouncing in the company. The company doesn’t want to create any risk in Beijing thereby suspending the event for now.

Huawei Digital Energy Conference

There is a high possibility that it can be conducted via online platforms, yet we have to wait for the official words. Besides, this Chinese tech recently concluded the Global Digital Power Summit in Dubai. 

2021 Global Digital Power Summit:

Huawei recently participated in the Global Digital Power Summit on 16th October in Dubai. Carbon Neutrality was the theme of the event witnessed by many industry leaders of China, Dubai, and various other technical fields.

At the conference, the discussion revolves around the next industrial trends including AI, Cloud, and Big Data. The leaders are committed to developing a low-carbon smart society to bring an ultimate and greener future for everyone.


At present, we are looking forward to the company successfully holding the Digital Energy Conference and confronting new technologies and ideas in the field of digital and ecological energy.

(Source: Ithome)

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