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Huawei begins new journey of making Green and Digital Europe



Huawei Europe Event

On the 28th of October, Huawei inaugurated the 2-day Eco-Connect Europe 2021 event with online channels. The company is broadcasting this event in five countries including China, Europe, and Germany. Furthermore, the audience is able to take part in two ways- online and on-site.

On behalf of Huawei China, its Rotating Chairman Guo Ping address the entire event with his enlightening key speech “Starting a New Journey of Going Green and Digital with Europe”. Aside from the coordinators, many esteemed authorities were present at the event that including:

  •  Guo Ping, Rotating Chairman, Huawei
  •  Afke Schaart, Senior Vice President Global Government Affairs, Huawei
  •  Lars Berg, Parliament Member, Europe
  •  Marcus Gloger, PwC Strategy& GmbH Partner, Germany
  • Jose Donoso, President, Global Solar Council (GSC)

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Coming to the keynote speech, Chairman Ping, reflects how Huawei is contributing to Europe moving towards a green and digital future. Company’s robust ICT infrastructure, remote working technology, OpenLabs, and other technologies helping to the country to change its ICT infrastructure.

Huawei Europe Event

In addition, the German eminent Marcus Gloger also appreciates the company work. He believes Digital infrastructure is the foundation for transformation and has a long-lasting impact on value realization. Businesses as well society can’t always remain unbothered with one’s infrastructure.

Huawei Contribution to Europe:

There are mainly three value propositions that this Chinese company is following-

  • Enabling Europe’s digital transformation
  • Leading the use of digital technologies to enable green transformation
  • Fulfilling our corporate social responsibility in the digital era

Moving ahead, Huawei also introduces its bits to manage watts low-carbon power solutions to the industry. It fulfills various carbon neutrality goals like Smart PV, site power, data center power, traffic electrification, and smart power solutions.

Besides, TECH4ALL is one of the main focus areas of Huawei in Europe that covers education, environmental protection, health care, and balanced development. Additionally, Mr. Guo Ping also responded about not leaving Europe to them who were frequently asked, seeing the current scenarios.

Eco-Connect Europe 2021:

This 2-day event is conducted between 28th to 29th October under the theme Digital and Green, Transition to Value. It’s a platform for developers and industry leaders to discuss the technological applications that can help customers. Furthermore, there’ll be a DigitAll Night for students to let them equally contribute and put forward theri ideas and suggestion.

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