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Meta – A New Facebook



Facebook Meta

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced Meta- a new social technology platform during Connect 2021. Meta aims to bring the virtual and real world together in metaverse to let the users interact with each other. Users will have more fun, in finding new people, groups, and growing together.

Meta will reflect three-dimensional projection in comparison with today’s social experiences, explained further by Facebook CEO. In addition, it’ll allow the user to socialize with the ones, which is anyhow not possible in the real world.

Facebook-owned Meta is a major evolution in the field of social media platforms and opening a new story for the company. It’ll focus on connecting people inserting of providing ways to interact with them.

Moreover, the metaverse will allow a user to experience another place even if he/she isn’t present there in actuality. As per the information, it isn’t built by one company but a result of the contribution of multiple creators and developers.

Facebook Meta

Future Aim of Meta:

This service aims to reach a billion people and digital commerce by the next decade. Just like Facebook, Meta will support jobs for millions of creators and developers. It’ll shift the 2D screen towards AR and VR to create a next-level social platform.

Facebook Connect 2021:

It’s an annual flagship conference of the company that provides a platform for augmented and virtual reality developers, content creators, marketers, and others to exchange ideas, and jointly discuss industrial growth and future possibilities.

The Connect 2021 event has augmented reality (AR), Gaming, metaverse, and virtual reality (VR) as the topic of discussion. Furthermore, the metaverses will change the scenario from social connection to entertainment, gaming, health, work, education, and trade by the next decade.

Besides, a 150 million USD investment was announced to develop new tools and platforms to grant creators a new training system. Two operating segments: Family of Apps and Reality Labs will get a new reshape in the next report.

Overall, Meta is technology around people that will give them more opportunities to open up. In the future, it’ll a major concern of the company to the extent that users won’t need a Facebook account to use our other services.

(Via- Facebook)

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