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Huawei will invest 35 Million Euros to find European Talent for Telecom



Huawei France

Huawei announced to invest 35 million euros to cultivate European ICT Talent under its Seeds for the Future 2.0 program. The company’s executives made this big announcement at the Huawei European Innovation Day.

Furthermore, this Chinese tech firm intends to support this digital Europe program for five years. In addition, there will be a new talent expansion program and the Seeds for the Future Scholarship by Huawei to support the European ICT professionals.

The company sees digital talent as the key to digital transformation and economic growth. Thereby, offering possible help to the professionals and students to upskill their talents. In this line, it’s currently negotiating with other educational organizations.

Besides, it already helped numerous students while more are joining the program. Simultaneously, it’s also inviting them to be a part of TECH4ALL Guardian projects and contribute to developing digital talent.

Huawei France

Lets’ check the main bulletins about the Huawei European ICT Talent development program-

Key Points:

  • About 500,000 ICT professionals will get the benefits in Europe under this program
  • Huawei will invest 2.5 million euros over the next year
  • Over 30,000 ICT professionals were already being trained by the company in Europe
  • The first Seeds for the Future 2.0 program was launched in July 2021
  • Huawei owns 147 ICT academies for developing ICT European talent
  • In addition, over 20,000 ICT certified professionals working with the company in the country
  • To date, more than 2,600 college students across the region received Huawei’s help.

Apart from this, the entire project has an achievement goal of five years. It means the company will continue to expand its activities in developing the latest for the next five years. The company also determines to keep its work continue until reaches the set aim.

Though it has participated in talent development initiatives in Europe for many years, it currently ventures are growing talent development ecosystem that supports universities and secondary schools.

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