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Huawei and SERES are coming with five seater AITO Wenjie M7



Huawei AITO M7 orders

Huawei and its collaborative car partner company – SERES will reportedly launch a new version of AITO Wenjie M7 today. According to the information, the five-seater version will make its debut at this time.

Chinese media is saying that the new AITO Wenjie M7 will come with a fresh interior and components. Cruising 1,400+km, pre-sale price of 249,800 yuan, and now pre-sale of 1,000 yuan. It can also be credited to 5,000 yuan car models, and there is also a 10,000 yuan option fee.

Information about the AITO Wenjie M7 shows a range-extending hybrid system composed of a 1.5T range extender and a 40-degree large battery. Its pure electric cruising range is divided into 162km, 168km, 175km, and 180km, which is presumed to be WLTC working conditions.

It has increased compared with the current model, and its fuel consumption per 100 kilometers without electricity is divided into 6.5 liters, 6.8 liters, 7.2 liters, and 7.4 liters. For a medium and large SUV with a length of more than 5 meters, such results are really remarkable.

The appearance of the new car has not changed much, only the details have been adjusted, but the internal upgrades are obvious, such as re-opening the body structural parts, and even remodeling the welding production line for this purpose. Part of the body structure adopts the strongest submarine in the industry high-strength steel.

The body also uses more CBS (Composite Body Solutions) composite body materials, which can effectively improve the fatigue durability, body rigidity, and collision safety performance of the car.

The power has also been upgraded. The power of the 1.5T engine has increased to 112kW, and the thermal efficiency is also higher. The peak power of the front and rear motors of the four-wheel drive version is 130/200kW respectively, and the rear-drive version is equipped with a 200kW single motor.

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