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These 7 new features rolling out for AITO Wenjie M5 and M7 cars



Huawei Car update

AITO is rolling out a major OTA software update for AITO M5 and M7 cars and it includes 7 major new features for the users.

The cars are now supported with HUAWEI DATS dynamic adaptive torque system (including Wenjie M5 smart driving version). The official said that it can deliver “faster torque adjustment, smoother driving, and farewell to motion sickness”.

Many of the early adopters said that the driving quality of the car improved after the upgrade.

Second, the update adds an “in-car care” feature. It can be turned on and off with one button without powering off the car for a short time.

Huawei Car update

Third, the car now supports five-segment custom adjustment, covering bass, mid-bass, mid-range, mid-treble, and treble.

Fourth, users can now open the “Celia” wake-up prompt. To enable, visit Settings-Smart Assistant-Smart Voice, or click “Wake-up Free Skills” to view specific instructions.

Fifth, During the parking, the vehicle will actively identify the parking location and floor, and the parking space information can be sent to the owner through the AITO App. “Car” – “Location” in the app can display the parking space identification number and 4 photos of the surrounding environment of the vehicle.

Sixth, It added a super device feature, you don’t need to change the owner’s account. If the other user has a Huawei mobile scan the QR code to log in and can share the playlist and access other features.

Seventh, the car system now has many third-party apps with this firmware, which will keep the driver entertained.

So, guys, these are the 7 new features AITO is rolling out for its M7 and M5 vehicles.


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