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Huawei could achieve L4 autonomous driving before 2025 and L5 around 2030



Huawei Smart Car

Huawei has already achieved steady growth in the smart driving solutions industry and the company is continuously improving its autonomous driving technology, which could reach the L4 level before 2025.

Peng Song, Senior Vice President of Huawei and President of ICT Strategy and Marketing, delivered a keynote speech “Building an End-to-End AI Network and Unlocking All-Scenario AI Capabilities”.

Peng Song said that network innovation has two aims in the AI era including AI-supported networks to train large models, connect devices, and manage cloud services. Second is that AI for autonomous driving and make it more efficient.

Forcing his will into AI, Peng said that the driving network must go through two stages of development. The first stage is L4-level autonomous driving before 2025. The second stage includes the L5 level of driving around 2030.

The L4 version has a smart neural network and the implication of deep AI in the driving system. The L5 system includes a whole new level of large models and the development of more LLM applications.

“The third wave of artificial intelligence is coming, and AI will reshape thousands of industries. Huawei expects that the penetration rate of AI in the industry will increase from 7% in 2021 to 30% in 26 years, and the penetration rate will exceed 50% by 2030, an increase of 10 times,” concluded Peng.

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