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Huawei could launch side folding phone with large rear camera system on top



Huawei unique side folding phone

Huawei could launch a new folding phone with a unique side foldable design. It could be different from the Huawei Mate X3 and past phones in the segment. Currently, the design is only spotted in a patent and we can explore its aspects.

The shape of the phone is asymmetrical, the patent image shows that the left side is higher than the right side. It is due to the camera module on the top. Also, the phone unfolds in the right direction.

Looking more into this, the phone has a shell-like mechanism, which includes a clap area. Once opened, the screen becomes a square display with equal height and width.

Huawei unique side folding phone

Flipping to the front, the phone has an entire screen similar to a regular device. The panel is flat and goes edge to edge with a center hole punch on the top to house a selfie camera. The rear camera setup takes about 10-15% of the entire rear panel, while the rest of the surface is occupied by a hinge and foldable screen.

This design has all of the advantages and provides a complete smartphone experience for the user. People can use the phone as usual via the cover display and turn towards a larger view on the rear.

Huawei unique side folding phone

The rear camera will help them to take high-quality front selfies, while the ToF lens helps them to model or use 3D facial recognition tech in an instant. Some Weibo users reacted that it doesn’t look like an unfolded state, while some applaud the design scheme.

Smartphone makers, including Huawei, continue exploring new foldable device designs. It introduced the Mate X with an outward side opening hinge, the P50 Pocket with a clamshell flip, and the Mate X3 with an inward dual-screen solution.

Currently, Huawei has not confirmed the production of such a device but it has the potential to become launch-ready smartphone.

(via – CNMO)

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