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Huawei and China Unicom jointly releases Spiritual 3D Solution



Huawei China Unicom Spiritual 3D

Huawei and China Unicom Video Technology have together introduced the Spiritual 3D Solution. This solution is based on the automated results of 3D video streaming. As a result, individuals would be able to watch on-demand and live broadcasts in real-time.

Apart from providing new services, the Spiritual 3D solution also lessens the cost on 3D content production. Consequently, this proves as a massive aid for the operators to add some new growth points in the video services zone.

Why this solution is necessary?

In the past few years, video transformation has made a great position in the technology framework. The definition of video activities has now become ultra-high in quality. Moreover, video tech has become advanced and three-dimensional for the tech giants as well as the operators.

However, technology comes on the ground with both Pros and Cons. The same thing appeared for the 3D video production. Negative points such as high cost, long cycle, and large human investment became a big hurdle in the video transformation services. On the flip side, the 2D content started losing its demand among users.

Hence, to break these negative outcomes, Huawei and China Unicom brought the Spiritual 3D solution for the operators.

Huawei China Unicom Spiritual 3D

How does the Spiritual 3D Solution work?

Just by deploying an intelligent transcoding server with an IPTV surface, the solution will help in producing 3D video stream output automatically. Additionally, the newly released solution supports on-demand videos and live streaming. Furthermore, it enriches the user experience with high-quality resolutions and video optimizations. Thus, users can watch videos even on an ordinary handset without using 3D glasses.

Ultimately, it breaks the bondage of high-cost 3D terminals. Thus, we can say that the new creation has opened a lot of doors for the operators in the world of video transformation. Undoubtedly, 3D tech is a turning point for business growth and with this solution, the cooperations will be able to reach a good height in the digital economy.


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