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Huawei Assistant version 13 brings new features and improvements



Huawei Assistant 13

Huawei is rolling out a new update for its all-in-one search and new discover app – Huawei Assistant and upgraded with version 13 as well as new features. The latest version of the app is currently supported for the HarmonyOS operating system in China.

According to the information, Huawei Assistant 13 currently reigning with version and brings a lot of new improvements over the past version ( of this mobile application.

Huawei Assistant 13

Speaking of features, the new version fixes notifications and their animation as well as the arrival time of the notification for Huawei smartphones. Moving on, there are optimizations for the support search services and follow, discover, local and on-screen cards for a better user experience.

There are some new optimations made to the layout of the app’s on-screen content, which now allows you to add 1 x 2 small information cards individually or in a free-form layout. Huawei has also improved some health-related services for this app that can be accessed with one click.

Huawei Assistant 13

Furthermore, there are some cleaning and unnecessary feature removal that has been done in the user interface to reduce the hassle. One of the major changes in the series includes the new global search, which can search for content such as local apps, web results as well as commodities.

The latest release from Huawei regarding that Huawei Assistant is currently limited to Chinese consumers and supports only HarmonyOS but an EMUI version for global users with slightly different features may come later on.

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