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Huawei introduces key features of 5.5G network technology



Huawei 5.5G Network Features

Huawei Win-Win Innovation week has reached its end. This week, the Chinese manufacturer and some other tech giants have introduced several new solutions that will uplift the growth of the digital economy. Apart from various innovation ideas, Huawei also put forth the key features of the 5.5G network technology.

As per the view of Huawei, the main features of the 5.5G network are 10G experience, 100 billion connections, and remote intelligence. On the other hand, the company also states that it will keep on making innovative ways toward the development of 5.5G technology that will set new capabilities for the industry.

The President of Huawei’s Wireless Network Product line conveys his message regarding the network technology:

“To meet the diverse needs of thousands of industries, in addition to the continuous enhancement of existing 5G capabilities, wireless networks also need to add revolutionary capabilities such as perception, passive IoT, and intelligence. Therefore, we hope to join hands with global industry partners to promote the continuous innovation of 5G technology based on protecting the existing investment of operators, and move towards a new era of 5.5G.”

Huawei 5.5G Network Features

What new additions can boost the 5.5G technology?

Apart from describing the vital features, the innovators have also discussed the new prompts for the 5.5G technology. Some of them are given below:

Improve 5G capabilities to meet the needs of user experience:

The industries require new capabilities such as ultra-large uplink and medium-speed IoT scenarios for providing a better user experience. Therefore, 5.5G technology has to retain a downlink rate of 10Gbps and an uplink rate of 1Gpbs to support the IoT technology and billions of other connections.

Ultra-large bandwidth + ELAA is the main key:

Industries must know how to utilize the ultra-bandwidth and Sub100G spectrum to achieve 10Gbps. Moreover, to solve the high-frequency coverage challenge, operators must use ELAA (Extremely Large Scale Antenna Array) tech.

Multi-Frequency integration can gain uplinks 1Gbps:

The digitalization sector has to prefer more uplinks than downlinks. This decoupling will flexibly open more doors for different frequency bands as per the demands. Besides, it will become capable of providing a better uplink rate than before. So far, this decoupling is in the usage in many scenarios. For instance, coal mines, the steel industry, and more.

Three types of technologies with a 5.5G network will add billions of connections:

Three main techs – RedCap (Cabale of commercial facilities), NB-IoT, and Passive IoT (revolutionary IoT tech) can help in maintaining more than billions of connections. With the help of these implementations, wireless technology also has the chance to grow more across the globe.


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