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Hongmeng OS is not for smartphones, it’s for industrial solutions: Huawei Director



Huawei’s self-developed operating system reportedly called as Hongmeng OS is widely speculated to be a replacement of Android but this allegation has already been denied by two Huawei executives and now we have a new statement from a Huawei that also confirms the denial.

Report: Huawei is creating confusion on Hongmeng OS, developing for smartphones or Not?

On July 18th, Cheng Lifang, Huawei’s Director and President of the Public Affairs and Communications department, told media that Hongmeng OS is not designed for smartphones instead it’s for industrial solutions.

Therefore, Huawei will continue to use Android for its smartphones. A similar statement was also made by Huawei chairman, Liang Hua saying Hongmeng OS is designed for IoT devices and the company’s founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei also described its use case in a low tone.

But Huawei’s Consumer Business Group Chief, Yu Chengdong AKA Richard Yu said in an interview in April that Huawei has created its own OS for smartphones and later on, he also revealed the date for its release, the remarks made by Yu are completely different from the above ones and create confusions.

Meanwhile, we’ve to wait until the HDC 2019 event to see if something appears on the stage about the Hongmeng OS.

We’ve covered the complete coverage of statements made by Huawei executives in a separate article which you access from the link below. Also, don’t forget to leave your thoughts comment.

Report: Huawei is creating confusion on Hongmeng OS, developing for smartphones or Not?

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