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“Hongmeng” is Huawei’s first ever self developed operating system



[Update 2: Confirmed: Huawei OS will be compatible with all Android applications]

[Update 1: Huawei’s own OS will soon be launched this fall the earliest and no later than spring next year]

Back in March, Huawei CEO Richard Yu told that the company has developed its own operating system in case of any circumstances that it can face from the US. Well, now we’ve found the name for that operating system.

There will be no new EMUI updates for any Huawei devices after Google ends software support

According to our source from China who told HuaweiCentral, Huawei has developed its own operating system under the name “Hongmeng”, that was in active development since 2012.

The source has also told that the company was using this operating system in its mobile phones potentially hidden behind the curtain.

Although, the source didn’t confirm that this will be the original name of the OS or it’s only a codename but did confirm the existence of the operating system related to this word.

Currently, Huawei is yet to comment on this report but the company has already expected recent Google Android support suspension way before in the past as it was developing a substitute for Android operating system.

On Sunday, a report revealed that Google has pulled its Android OS software support from Huawei devices, leaving Huawei’s consumers concerned about what’ll happen to their smartphones after this crisis, which is a subsequent action from Google following Trump’s blacklisting of Huawei.

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