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Here’s the Autopilot test of Huawei HarmonyOS powered Arcfox Alpha S smart car [Video]



At the Shanghai International Auto Show, which was held on the 17th of April, the ArcFox Alpha S Series was launch. This was the first HBT corporation between Huawei and BAIC and achieve great success.

The model is powered by Huawei technologies and manufactured by the BAIC group. Mass production of this series is also planned to launch within this year.

The entire series accents the Huawei fast charging, good enough to extend battery life by 197KM with 10 minutes single charge. The HarmonyOS based smart cockpit controls the Huawei ADS.

Furthermore, the Kirin 990A chipset process the prompt results joint with the three lidar, six-millimeter wave radars, and nine cameras.

This whole mechanism provided smooth autopiloting and ensures safety as well. In this line, a user shared the first drive experience of the Alpha S model.

The regular model costs 251,900 Yuan (around 38,800 USD) and 388,900 Yuan (around 59,900 USD) while the high-end version costs 344,900 Yuan (around 53,100USD) and high-end version 429,900 Yuan (around 66,200 USD) for the basic and HI supported varient respectivly.

Check the video below:

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