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Huawei will make three sub brands with car manufacturers BAIC, GAC, and Changan Automobile



Huawei has many patent for smart car technologies. Recently, the company applied for a new patent for intelligent robot interaction while driving. The company still focused on ICT technology to help automakers build automobiles.

In the Past, Huawei’s spokesman also denied the company plans to design saying that “Huawei is not a car manufacturer but we focuses to develop smart-car components through ICT”. The company still standing on this statement.

However, At the 18th Huawei HAS, Huawei’s rotating chairman Xu Zhijun revealed that since 2010 the company is making smart vehicle components. There is no plan to establish any brand. However, the company is willing to join hands with automobile companies to create some new business.

The rotating chairman accepts that the company had joined hands with three car manufacturers to cooperatively made the dream of high-end smart cars come true. The company is planning to established sub-brands and had already collaborated with:

  1. BAIC BluePark
  2. Changan Automobile
  3. Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC)

Furthermore, he added that the company will also design the “Huawei inside” brand that will illuminate Huawei’s involvement with the vehicle. He also makes clear that every partner car will not have this logo, only Huawei’s autonomous driving technology embedded car will have it.

Huawei and BAIC BluePark:

Huawei is jointly working with BAIC to launch the ARCFOX HBT model. Both the company informed that HBT will be revealed at the Shanghai Auto Show on 17th April 2021.

The  BAIC BluePark ARCFOX Polar Fox αS HBT model will equip the most advanced 8 lidar technology of Huawei.

Huawei and GAC Asian:

Huawei had been already signed a strategic agreement with the GAC Group. The companies planned the research and development team of hundreds of people for this project.

GAC Aian and Huawei will jointly create a new electric vehicle development team. The forthcoming vehicle will come with Huawei’s L4 self-driving technology. (Read More)

Huawei and Changan Automobile:

According to a previous report, Changan Automobile will work with Huawei and CATL to jointly create a new high-end smart car brand, and its high-tech high-end smart products will also be launched in the coming days.

Besides, the company is already working on the HiCar, a car supportive app that provides interaction between the car’s system and its main interface of HiCar via Huawei phone. (Read More)


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