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Huawei is growing new engineers through Pioneer Youth Inclusive Program



Huawei is hosting the 3-day Huawei Developer Cloud Conference from 24 April to 26 April in Shenzhen. On the very first day of this event, the company conducted the Pioneer Youth Inclusive Program for college and university students.

The senior vice president of Huawei, Zhang Shunmao honored the flag to the representative of the Ministry of Education-Huawei Smart Dock College Association. As well, 4 selected students also honored in the Smart Dock as “Pioneer Youth”.

Zhang Shunmao together with  Xu Feng, Director of Service Products Department of Huawei Cloud Application Platform also presents the flag to the delegate of the Ministry of Education-Huawei Smart Base University Association.

Huawei believes, in this smart era, we can cultivate talents when we work together and share the expertise with each other. In this line, Huawei has activated several projects along with many universities in past times.

Continuing the activity, the Ministry of Education-Huawei Smart Base Production and Education Integration Collaborative Education Project was launched back in September 2020.

As of now, this Chiese tech firm has collaborated with  72 different colleges and universities to create a smart base college association. This step was really appreciated by the universities.

As one of the first batches of cooperative universities named Yao Yingxue, vice president of Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), announced once, the school and Huawei have established a talent training mechanism based on key core technologies, which will cultivate new national engineering talents and top-notch talents. Contribute more strength.

The activity doesn’t end here, the company has a plan for the further corporation. In order to do this, Huawei Cloud Pioneer Youth Inclusive Program aims to provide the following support to college students.

Five exclusive supports for college students:

  • Massive online courses covering cutting-edge technology fields such as cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence
  • Sandbox practice on the cloud allows you to experience the real cloud environment anytime, anywhere
  • For professional competence certification, Huawei Cloud has built a diversified and advanced professional certification system
  • A gradual technological growth system, professional tutoring and teaching by Huawei experts, and collaborative education
  • At the same time, student discounts are also set up, including exclusive discounts for cloud service packages, sandbox experiments, and micro-authentication

Authorities of Huawei and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Steering Committee, Ministry of Education, jointly awarded the smart base “Pioneer Boy”.

The winner list includes:

  1.  Zheng Qunru from South China University of Technology
  2.  Huang Yeqi from the University of Science and Technology of China
  3.  Zhu Dezhi from Huazhong University of Science and Technology
  4.  Li Tianyi from Tianjin University

To date, the Ministry of Education-Huawei Smart Dock Project has already launched about 1,000 courses and trained 1,500+ teachers. In the future, Huawei Cloud will continue to invest in the training of new engineering talents.


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