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Cyrus Huawei Smart Car SF5 is available on store, check the store list, price, date



Huawei launched the Cyrus Huawei Smart Selection SF5 fully electric car, now available at the Huawei official stores and flagship store for purchasing. This model will be sold under the Huawei Smart Selection brand name.

This news was personally announced by Richard Yu during his visit to the company’s global flagship store on Nanjing Road, Shanghai.

The CEO Yu informed, Huawei owns more than 60,000 retail locations across the globe. Among them, 12 are major flagship stores, and about 5,000 plus are experience stores.

The has more than 80 million worldwide registered users on the store, which ensures the great popularity of the company.

Cyrus Huawei Smart Selection SF5 Specification:

Talking about the SF5 electric car, this electric vehicle is introduced in order to solve the multiple anxieties of difficulty in charging, short cruising range, and inconvenient charging problems.

This model features great capabilities including the 405kW peak power, maximum 820N.m torque force, 4.68 s/100KM acceleration, which can reach 180KM daily drive and more than 1000KM long distance covering.

The inbuilt Huawei technology includes Huawei HiCar Solution, Hongmeng OS ecology, Huawei Sound, and Huawei DriveONE jointly creates the smooth interaction between the smart cockpit and smartphone.

Check the store list and the price list of the model Here:

At last CEO Yu announced, in the upcoming days Huawei consumers can experience Cyrus Huawei Smart Selection SF5 in Huawei flagship stores, experience stores, and other authorized centers across the Mainland.

This car is scheduled to be delivered in batches in May, For now, you can take a look at Huawei’s official stores. Check the releasing date and the name of the flagship store-

Models available from April 21 at:

  • Huawei Global Flagship Store- Nanjing East Road, Shanghai
  • Huawei Flagship Store- Chengdu Vientiane City
  • Huawei Smart Life Pavilion- Shenzhen Bonjour Center

Models available from April 30 at:

  • Huawei Smart Life Pavilion- Shanghai Aegean
  • Huawei Smart Life Pavilion- Hangzhou Huanglong Vanke
  • Huawei Global Flagship Store, Shenzhen Vientiane World
  • Huawei Shenzhen Tianan Cloud Valley Store

Price Details:

  • The two-wheel-drive version is priced at 216,800 yuan.
  • The four-wheel drive version is priced at 246,800 Yuan.

(Via- Ithome)

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