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Two more Chinese banks announce to support Huawei HarmonyOS services



After the official launch of Huawei HarmonyOS 2 mobile system software, more and more third-party applications are embracing the HarmonyOS platform. The distributive capabilities of HarmonyOS establish a smart and strong connection among the cross-platform applications.

As per the recent news, the Bank of China announced its strategic partnership with Huawei and became the first to launch the “Bank of China Foreign Currency Cash Reservation” atomization service working on the HarmonyOS platform.

Now, it became easy to use, any user can instantly make an appointment via using the HarmonyOS service center. Furthermore, this case reservation service supports more than 20 foreign currencies and giving effortless results.

On the other hand, the China CITIC bank also launched the atomic service with the help of Huawei, eliminating the need of downloading the app. Users can enjoy all the services through the CITIC Bank service card.

Furthermore, many other financial institutions including Guangdong Rural Credit Co., Ltd. testing their banking applications on the HarmonyOS platform. It will soon release for the public users and expected to directly shift over the stable built.

Prior to this, China Guangfa Bank adopted the HarmonyOS platform and became the first in the banking division to adopts this platform alongside one more app called- Traffic control 12123.

Apart from this, the latest report shared by the Galaxy Securities Reachers released that Huawei is expected to install the HarmonyOS over 300 million Huawei devices including 100 million third-party devices by the end of this year.

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