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Huawei HarmonyOS Connect Upgrade Plan: Reduces development time, reach vast consumers and more



On May 18, Huawei hosted HarmonyOS Connect Partner Summit in Shanghai and during the conference, the company has officially announced the HarmonyOS Connect brand upgrade plan to help the industrial partners in producing, selling, and operating good products.

About HarmonyOS:

Huawei’s HarmonyOS is a microkernel-based distributed operating system and it is mainly designed to be used across different devices rather than having everything in the same place.

Additionally, HarmonyOS is an open-source ecosystem and can also be used by other third-party smartphone makers. However, some brands have already started talks with Huawei to adapt HarmonyOS to their smartphones.

HarmonyOS Connect System:

On May 18, Huawei launched the HarmonyOS Connect brand upgrade plan and the brand switching will be completed on August 18. According to the information, eligible hardware vendors, solution vendors, and channel vendors can apply to join to jointly build the HarmonyOS Connect ecosystem.

In addition, Huawei has also created an exclusive E2E cooperative business online service platform for partners. The platform provides one-stop service capabilities from registration, development/certification, and market planning to help partners complete product launches efficiently and at low cost.

To provide more understanding of HarmonyOS, Huawei Consumer Business AI, and Smart Full Scenario Business Unit’s President said:

“HarmonyOS is a smart device operating system created by Huawei for the era of Internet of Everything. It provides a unified language for the intelligence, interconnection, and collaboration of different devices.”

“To bring consumers a simple, smooth, continuous, safe and reliable full-scene interactive experience, we have fully upgraded the two major brands of “Huawei HiLink” and “Powered by HarmonyOS” to “HarmonyOS Connect” for 1+8+N ecological partners.

Hardware products have achieved technical certification and brand integration, and HarmonyOS capabilities are used as the base of the full-scenario smart ecology. So that HarmonyOS Connect products can naturally become part of the HarmonyOS hyper terminal, bringing consumers a new cross-device experience.”

“Making a good product, selling a good product, and operating a good product” is the new value that the newly upgraded HarmonyOS Connect brings to partners. said Yang Haisong, Vice President of Huawei’s consumer business AI and full-scenario business department

First: Make a good product:

Additionally, he mentioned that to first make good products and join the HarmonyOS Connect Ecosystem to achieve minimal distribution network, universal card, minimal interaction, hardware mutual assistance, and other capabilities.

The device users powered by HarmonyOS can connect their smart devices to other devices with just a single touch of smartphone and can be controlled any time without installing any application.

This effectively solves the problem of low utilization of device smart features and realizes fast and low-cost connections to users.

Not only this, but the HarmonyOS support devices from the different brands can also combine the software and hardware capabilities of different devices according to the different needs of consumers and different scenarios. Also to merge them into a “super device” to achieve differentiated competition.

Second: To sell the good product:

Huawei will open up the whole scene smart life product to more than 60,000 offline retail and service outlets, online Huawei mall (Vmall), Huawei’s official flagship store, and other self-owned retail locations, as well as more than 15,000 third party sales channels.

Multi-path sales channels provide comprehensive traffic support to partners and help partners sell good products.

Third: Operating product

Huawei will fully drive the activity of partner products through high-frequency and just-needed equipment scene linkage and intelligent distribution of HarmonyOS atomic services to provide end-to-end service platform and one-stop operation services to help partners High-efficiency operations.

Simultaneously, Huawei will open its operating system and provide a data operating platform to visualize the effects of partner products and services and bring better user conversion efficiency.

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