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Gree will launch HarmonyOS operating systems products, possibly in smartphones too



Gree Electric appliances may come with Huawei HarmonyOS operating system in smartphones. As per the information, the Chairwoman of Gree Group, Dong Mingzhu recently comments that HarmonyOS will be introduced in Gree products in the future.

The Gree Group manufactures all kinds of air conditioners, water heaters, refrigerators, home appliances, and provides a range of smartphones. Although the company dominates the air-conditioner market, its smartphones are still silent.

Thus, Gree likely to adopt HarmonyOS in smartphones because HarmonyOS will bring a great seamless cross-device experience in the Chinese market with its distributed capabilities.

As a domestic product, Huawei HarmonyOS is receiving great support in the Mainland market and being installed on various applications as well as  IoT devices. This list of partners who are embracing the HarmonyOS namely includes the following-

  1. Midea Group
  2. Smith
  3. Panasonic Group
  4. Haier
  5. Fangtai
  6. Supor Appliances
  7. Gree Electric
  8. Meizu Mobile
  9. China Southern Airlines
  10. Bank of China
  11. China CITIC Bank
  12. China Guangfa Bank

At present, more than 20 million Huawei devices have been already shifted on HarmonyOS, which is expected to exceed 200 million units by the end of this year.

Besides, Huawei is planning to hold the HarmonyOS Application Service Partner Summit and Developer Day this month. The company will soon make the announcement regarding the event venue, date, and time and will release a market strategy for future products.

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