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First Airlines launches Service Widgets for Huawei HarmonyOS 2 operating system



Huawei HarmonyOS 2 comes with lots of new features that include the service widgets features, these widgets can be placed anywhere on the home screen of the device.

The service widgets are designed to provide ease in terms of accessing important information on the go and don’t require installing the corresponding app in order to access its features as well as smart services.

You can access the Service Center by swiping up from the lower left or lower right corner on the screen, the system will lead to the Service Center. This is the place, where all of your collected service widgets are stored and ready to offer access to your desired services.

First airlines joined HarmonyOS:

China Southern Airlines has now launched an atomic service widget based on HarmonyOS 2 and became the first Chinese airline to join the HarmonyOS ecosystem.

According to the information, Chinese Southern Airlines has launched two service widgets for two different features:

  • Ticket booking
  • Flight status

One of the biggest features that come with these new service widgets includes the ability to use all of the required features without downloading the China Southern Airless app, which is very convenient for users.

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