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Dear Huawei, there are many smartphone users still waiting for the EMUI 9 update



At IFA 2018, Huawei announced EMUI 9.0, and now it’s more than 8 months – there are many Huawei/Honor smartphone users still waiting for EMUI 9.0 update to reach their devices.

Huawei has started rolling out the new version of EMUI [9.1] in China, which came pre-installed in the Huawei P30 series, launched back in March 2019.

How to download Android Q beta on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro

At the end of the last month, Huawei announced that its mobile operating system “EMUI” has achieved a new milestone as it’s now reached to 470 million daily active users around the world.


Well, there are so many users complaining that they didn’t get the EMUI 9.0 update yet, including Huawei P20 Pro, Mate 10 Pro, Honor 8X, Nova 3, Huawei P10 Plus, and many more.

We have received more than 200 emails, where users were asking for the EMUI 9.0 update release date in their regions. Around 40 emails from India and 25 from the UK, and remaining from other countries all around the world.

One user from the UK wrote to us:

“Huawei is working on Android Q beta but where is EMUI 9.0 for my P20 Pro. I am disappointed with you Huawei, send me my update”


Another one also from the UK:

“My brother using Android Pie on his Honor 8X but I didn’t get any why? I have the 8X too”

One desperate Honor 8X user from Pakistan wrote:

“Give me update or I will not buy any phone from you”


Another one from India said:

“I have P20 Lite and Honor 9N and I don’t have EMUI 9 update on any of my phone. What are you doing you? When will I get this update?”

And there are so many emails…


Huawei previously responded with this”

“It might take a while for an update to arrive due to the release of the updates in different and separate batches as the IMEI’s are chosen randomly. Also, please be informed that another part that is important when receiving an update depends if the device is unlocked (SIM Free) or locked in a certain network (branded.) Therefore, some users might receive updates and security patches sooner than the others.”

We understand that you are not happy with the update process and I am here to provide some explanations on this. First, the update process is based on many factors (the network operator, the region, model of the phone, type of update, etc) and that’s why the company cannot provide an estimated time or date for a specific update.

How to download and install EMUI 9.1

The roll out process is random, that’s why some devices might receive it earlier and some later. Also, I wanted to assure you that you will receive a notification if you have an update available. From there you will be able to download and install it. The notification will arrive when the update is fully optimized for your device. Also, if there are any security risks or issues, the company will make sure that you will have the patches on time to solve that.


Huawei is doing an outstanding job out there with the EMUI OS. Since its launch in 2012, the operating system keeps evolving over time with EMUI version 5.0 the company enhanced it with a new set of features. With EMUI 8.2 added new technology including GPU Turbo. In EMUI 9 with Link Turbo and with EMUI 9.1 the company introduced its latest file system technology EROFS and new ARK compiler.

Drop your comments if you have received the EMUI 9.0 update or are you still waiting for it?

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Huawei AI computing center solution won Global Smart Expo Gold Award



Huawei AI computing center

On 16th September, Huawei AI computing center solution won the Global AI Product Application Expo Product Gold Award. This product is selected for its excellent artificial intelligence computing capabilities and industry ability.

Huawei’s AI computing center mainly focused on urban infrastructure AI computing. It offers scientific research, digital economy, atlas series hardware, CANN computing architecture, and  AI framework MindSpore. Besides, it works on the combined capabilities of MindX and ModelArts.

Huawei AI Computing Center Solution:

Huawei has built IRS public computing power service platform in Yanta District. It has strengthened the AI ecological innovation and sprouting new industries simultaneously. This single-center mainly works on four platforms that include-

  • Application Innovation Incubation Platform
  • Industry Aggregation Development Platform
  • Scientific Research Innovation Platform
  • Talent Training Platform

Furthermore, the company’s AI computing center is actively deploying in more than 20 cities in Mainland. In particular, the Wuhan center has been associated with over 40 businesses, 4 academies, and various research organizations. Plus, its main projects include-

  • Xi’an Future Artificial Intelligence Computing Center
  • Northwestern Polytechnical University’s Voice Model Project
  • MindSpore Research Office

About AI and Big Data Expo:

The AI and Big Data Expo are one of the biggest artificial intelligence and big data-based conferences and displays. Each year, it elected high-tech solutions and technologies across the world. It provides a single platform for brands, market leaders, AI & Big Data evangelists, and start-ups to jointly explore and discuss the leading technologies.

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Huawei and China Power Collaboration: Promote green, low-carbon and, energy industry



Huawei China Power Collaboration

Huawei and China Power signed a strategic collaboration agreement to jointly work on the green, low-carbon, and energy industries. Both parties are determined to implement four revolutions under one cooperation.

This corporation will be a contribution from both companies in establishing low-carbon cities. Chairmen and directors of Huawei Digital Technology and China Electricity Board signed this in-depth. The authorities include

  • He Xun, Chief Engineer, and Board Chairman State Power Investment New Energy
  •  Hou Jinlong, Huawei Senior VP, and President of Huawei Digital Energy Technology
  •  Fu Jinsong,  Deputy Secretary, Vice President, and Acting Chairman of the Labor Union of China Electric Power
  •  Xing Qing, Vice President of Huawei Digital Energy Technology

Huawei and China Power Collaboration Contract:

Under this cooperation, both firms will share their respective resources, advanced technologies, and benefits. It further instructs to respect the decisions of both authorities, fair implementation of technologies, and equal rights.

Huawei China Power Collaboration

Huawei and China Power will jointly work to derive new energy storage technology solutions, application cooperation, and intelligence. Additionally, the collaboration area includes

  •  Photovoltaic solution application cooperation
  • Comprehensive smart energy application cooperation
  • County-wide promotion of distributed rooftop photovoltaic cooperation
  • International business cooperation and other multi-platform strategic cooperation models
  • Accelerate transformation and development
  • promote energy revolution

China Power’s Strategic Development: 

China power has shown new developments in its power storage, green power supply, distributed energy, green power trading, province development, geothermal energy, and other new routes.

Furthermore, it also has advanced funding, well-structured management, and trained employees to help in building a large platform for green and low-carbon transformation and development.


 Huawei Digital Energy’s Resource:

Where China Power has a well-structured and hardware resource, Huawei Digital Energy offers integrating digital technology and power electronics technology. It also provides smart energy services mainly concerning users’ requirements.

The two parties are looking forward to working with each other and shard the benefits of their expertise. Moreover, they will jointly resolve the challenges in the development of new productions, economic development, and realizes low-carbon cities.

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Huawei smartphone market loss became iPhone 13’s blessing




Huawei iPhone 13

Huawei has to give its dominance over the global and Chinese smartphone market due to the sanctions. However, the phone market loss of Huawei has become a major blessing for recently launched Apple’s iPhone 13.

In the past two years, Huawei has been continuously disturbed by U.S. sanctions. The Chinese tech giant has been accused under a narrative and later it was cut with supplies of essential parts as well as services to build new products such as smartphones.

Huawei’s smartphone market loss:

In May 2019, Huawei has been placed under the U.S. entity list, a program specially designed to restrict Huawei from purchasing required components such as mobile and network equipment chipsets. Since then, Huawei has been hit by 4 rounds of sanctions that impact the company in a very devastating way.

Coming to the results, Huawei is unable to print new Kirin chipset design, had to sell its subsidiary – Honor, and it’s now out of the top smartphone maker and the recently in the absence of 5G chipset, the Chinese tech maker is selling “flagship” phones with 4G connectivity.


Huawei P50 Pro

The damage is surely there but the company is finding its way to rise up again. However, “once a giant smartphone maker” has left a big opening of opportunity of its competitor in the market, even on the home ground.

The same goes for the premium segment, the Chinese consumers are looking for a new substitute for their premium smartphone choice and what could be better than the new iPhone 13.

Blessing for iPhone 13:

According to a report coming from SCMP, Apple has made strong pre-orders of the iPhone 13 lineup on the Chinese e-commerce platform – As of Thursday, the American phone maker has registered over 2 million pre-orders, which surpasses 1.5 million pre-orders of last year’s iPhone 12 lineup on the same platform on the same timeline.

iPhone 13

According to the report, the record iPhone 13 pre-order credit goes to the decline of Huawei’s phone market. On the other hand, consumers made an easy choice between Huawei phones and Apple’s in order to get better tech such as 5G.


Huawei has recently launched P50 Pro that comes with a monstrous camera setup and picture quality that surpasses all phones. Despite its premium design and lots of new features, analysts believe it lacks key selling points such as the 5G network.

“There isn’t a smartphone [in the market] which can be a threat to the iPhone 13 above the 5,000 yuan (US$776) price range,” said Qi Counterpoint Research senior analyst Ethan Qi “There isn’t a product that is as strong as the old Huawei Mate series.”

As a matter of fact, Apple isn’t the only one enjoying this market growth. Other Chinese phone makers are also taking their fair share of share left behind by Huawei.

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