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Huawei announces Ark compiler: With EMUI 9.1, third-party application operation smoothness increased by 60%



The Huawei P30 and P30 Pro are pre-installed with the new version of the system EMUI 9.1. In terms of UI vision, EMUI 9.1 has designed new themes and new icons, especially the icons are more realistic, simple and expressive.

Huawei also released a product that can lead the Android performance revolution – the Ark compiler, together.

The Ark compiler is a compiler developed by Huawei for software vendors. It can effectively solve the inefficiency problem of the Android program “execution and execution”.

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Huawei’s Ark compiler uses a full-scale execution of machine code efficient running programs, the architecture is further optimized, and performance is significantly improved.

Compared with the previous smoothness, the program system compiled by Huawei Ark compiler improved the smoothness of operation by 24%, the system response speed by 44%, and the smoothness of the third-party application operation by 60%.

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At the same time, Huawei announced that the Huawei Ark compiler is open source for the industry and can be used by a wide range of application developers. Huawei urged APP developers to use the Ark compiler as soon as possible to bring better user experience to Android users.

In addition, EMUI 9.1 also has Huawei’s super file system, which saves 14% of space by advanced compression algorithms and improves read performance by 20%.

The GPU Turbo graphics acceleration technology upgraded to version 3.0, low-power full-frame gaming experience, added support for more than 50 games, and P30 series debut Tencent agent’s “Dragon Fantasy”, exclusive 60FPS, Unreal Engine 4 special effects are not open.

EMUI 9.1 further supports smart dual-card switching, preferably 4G Internet access, without the need for manual selection, you can automatically switch the SIM card with better Internet environment according to the actual situation.

AI wisdom is more experienced, including long-pressing power for 1 second, one-click voice assistant, high-frequency application, one-step direct access, one-touch transmission, car key, connected running chicken, AR measurement, and so on.

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