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All Updates to System Apps in EMUI 9.1



In EMUI 9.1, the settings and layout of system apps have been further optimized for your convenience.

Update 1: Shortcuts & gestures

In Settings > Smart assistance, Motion control has been replaced by Shortcuts & gestures.

You can use the updated Shortcuts & gestures by going to:

  • Take screenshot > Knuckle screenshot
  • Record screen > Record screen
  • Split screen > Split screen
  • Wake screen > Double-tap screen to wake

Update 2: Simple mode

In Simple mode, app icons on the home screen are larger.

Update 3: Scheduled power on/off

There is now only a single switch for scheduled power on/off under Smart assistance > Scheduled power on/off.

Update 4: Screen recording

The microphone is enabled by default when you start a screen recording, so you don”t need to select an audio source before starting. During recording, you can toggle the microphone on or off as required. Touch the red timer at the top of the screen to stop and save the recording.

Update 5: Weather settings

Settings options are now located in the main menu of the Weather app.

Update 6: Clock settings

Settings for the alarm, world clock, stopwatch, and timer have been optimized.

Update 7: Home screen settings

The Shake to realign, Show suggestions, and Home screen loop switches have been removed. The App icon badges switch has been moved to Settings > Notifications > App icon badges > Badge display mode.

Update 8: Step count display

The Show pedometer switch has been removed from Smart assistance > Smart cover.

Update 9: Do not disturb mode

The Event option has been removed from Do not disturb mode.

Update 10: Display settings

The Screen saver and Auto-rotate screen options have been removed from More display settings.

Update 11: Notifications

The Notification method option has been removed.

Update 12: User account settings

The Cloud menu option has been removed from Settings > User & accounts.

Update 13: Flashlight

The flashlight app icon has been removed from the home screen.

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