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EMUI 9.1 is here: Check its impressive features



At the Paris event, Huawei announced EMUI 9.1, a new major update from Huawei. EMUI 9.1 provides an immersive experience with innovating performance and system speed enhancements to help you lead an intelligent life.

Here’s the official list of devices that will get the EMUI 9.1 update [Updated]

Inspired by the freezing moments of a paint color collision and fluttering silk, EMUI 9.1 features new wallpapers to reflect in-the-moment beauty and the app icons have been redesigned to be more realistic.

All Updates to System Apps in EMUI 9.1


Previously, the F2FS file system was tailored for flash memory to improve the read and write performance after long-term use. Now, with EROFS, the random read speed will be 20% faster and the system space will provide extra personal storage of up to 1000 pictures or 500 songs. Plus, the read-only memory design isolates outside interference for added security in your system files.


Not receiving EMUI update notifications? here’s a quick fix

GPU Turbo 3.0

GPU Turbo 3.0 is a new upgrade that covers 25 of the most popular games. This new update includes reducing SoC power consumption by 10% and optimizing the underlying system performance to provide a continuous gaming experience.

Huawei Vlog

It has new features and effects that are perfect tools for easy editing and you can share with one-click. The Highlight videos are automatically edited with dramatic filters and give you the option to apply special speed effects and unique background music. Your cherished videos can be transformed into a personal cinematic masterpiece.

Anytime Assistant

Whenever you need to use the virtual assistant to carry out tasks, look up facts or need an answer to a simple question, just press and hold the power button and the Google Assistant will launch in a second.


AR Measure

When you need a quick measurement tool for simple DIY projects, just open the AR Measure App. You can accurately measure length, total area and volume with the Huawei TOF Camera.

By utilizing the Face Recognition technology, you can now measure the height of a person with just a simple task of scanning from toe-to-head.

How to download and install EMUI 9.1 BETA


A simple tap from your phone to the computer can send pictures, videos, and documents in seconds. You can also efficiently copy and paste between devices with Huawei Share OneHop.

And, while playing a game, just shake and touch the phone to your computer to initiate a 60-second recording of the screen1 that saves to your phone.


Huawei CarKey, Secure and Convenient

EMUI 9.1 allows you to automatically unlock your car with NFC on your phone when you forget the key and you can share this key with up to 5 people.

You can still unlock your car even if your phone is out of battery. Additionally, you can start your engine using your phone, once the phone is placed inside the secure phone box.

The Perfect Workout Partner

EMUI 9.1 turns your phone into an ultimate workout partner. Use your phone to connect to a treadmill and collect information like calories burned, running speed and length of the workout.


The phone can also use an algorithm to intelligently measure the step vibrations, so you can accomplish your personal fitness goals.

Simply Switch

With HUAWEI Phone Clone, you can simply and quickly transfer your contacts, photos, videos and more to your new phone in just a few moments.


Huawei Vehicle 3D information tech can be used for smart driving, connected vehicles, and IoV



Huawei Smart Car Technology

Today, Huawei shared a Vehicle 3D information patent that will bring more accuracy during information acquisition. This patent entitled “Method and Device for Obtaining Vehicle 3D Information” has been approved by the intellectuals.

According to China Intellectual Property Database, Huawei has applied for this vehicle 3D information patent in March 2020. After clearing all examination stages, it has been published with the publication number is CN113435224A in China.

Coming to the patent document, the described method will be suitable for the Internet of Vehicles (IoV). Its application scenario includes smart driving, AI connected vehicles, connected smart cars, and more.

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Huawei Vehicle 3D information patent

Now, let’s move to the method descriptions-

In this method, the essential part includes the observing modules and the target object. At first, the observing module determines the outlines for the target and then predicts the observation or heading angle of the object using previously acquired information.

Therefore, the vehicle system all necessary info of the observation angle or directing angle of the target vehicle. Furthermore, it improves the accuracy of vehicle 3D information retrieval and higher safety measurements.

Previous Patent: 

Three days ago Huawei shares the solar battery patent for smart cars. When the solar battery size expands it reduces the resistance effect of the thin film. The company applied for the patent on 26th May and publishes it with the announcement number CN113421977A. (Read Full Story Here)


(Source- Ithome)

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Yunsheng – Huawei’s first virtual human [Video]




Huawei Virtual Human

At Huawei Connect 2021, Zhang Ping’an, CEO of Huawei CLOUD and President of Huawei Consumer Cloud Service spoke about Huawei Cloud, officially announced the first virtual human, Yunsheng. That’s not it, Yunsheng joined Huawei Cloud as the first virtual human employee. Zhang introduced Yunsheng under Huawei CLOUD’s digital content product line.

According to the information, in the YunSheng word, the Shen part of the word sounds sheng and derived from traditional Chinese. The meaning of this word translates as a musical instrument.

Huawei Virtual Human

Huawei has developed YunSheng by using AI Automatic modeling, AI Voice drive, and AI rendering acceleration. These three technologies helped Huawei to form a perfect virtual human. During the official introduction, Yunsheng introduced Huawei Cloud use cases in a different and funky manner.

Aside from this information, Huawei has not revealed any additional aspect of the work of YunSheng in the company. However, you can check the complete video demonstration of Huawei’s first virtual human at the video linked below.



Previously, we brought you LYSA, as Huawei’s first virtual person. However, she didn’t announce by the company at any official stage compared to YunSheng.

LYSA is a female character that is designed with digital art consisting of illustration, modeling, digital rendering & high-precision automated generation, and more.

Huawei Lysa

Similar to YunSheng, the characteristic of the model, it looks very lively and the skin texture, expression, eye materials as well as animations feel very real.


Huawei LYSA: Meet Huawei’s first virtual person, she is realistic and beautiful [Video Demo]

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Huawei 100W super fast charging launched, recharge battery under 20 minutes




Huawei 100W Charging

Huawei launched its first phone with 100W super-fast charging – Nova 9 Pro. According to the information, the latest Huawei 100W charger could recharge the 4000mAh battery of this phone in under 20 minutes, faster than ever before.

100W Huawei Charge

Huawei self-developed 100W fast-charging solutions that have powerful intelligent computing output. Combined with 5C high-power single cell, multi-electrode combination technology, high energy density, and low discharge loss, this 100W charger brings you a lightning-like charging experience.

The latest charging capability for this Huawei 100W brick charges around 75% faster than Huawei Nova 8 Pro that has a 66W Super charge and comes with the same capacity battery.

Huawei nova 9 and Nova 8 charging


This charger supports maximum super-fast charging 20V/5A, compatible with 11V/6A or 10V/4A or 10V/2.25A or 4.5V/5A or 5V/4.5A super-fast charging, compatible with 9V/2A fast charging.


100W charging 20 minutes


On the other hand, the 66W charger supports 11V/6A super fast charge, compatible with 10V/4A or 10V/2.25A or 5V/4.5A super fast charge, compatible with 9V/2A fast charge.

Heat dissipation:

The Nova 9 Pro uses a dual VC + ultra-high thermal conductivity graphene three-dimensional heat dissipation system. The heat dissipation capacity is increased by 6% compared with the previous generation.

Huawei heat dissipation

The new solution can quickly sense the heating area and immediately cool down. The superheat dissipation ability allows you to feel the continuous calm and comfortable playing experience, which helps to keep the phone cool down while taking photos, videos, and playing games.

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