Trump says, doesn’t want to discuss Huawei with China

The US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he doesn’t want to discuss Huawei as a part of US-China trade talks.

More than 130 US companies requests to sell to Huawei but Trump may not process the licenses

In May, the US Commerce Department placed Huawei on the Entity-List citing national security concerns and prohibiting the company from doing business with US firms.

“It’s a national security concern,” Trump told reporters at the White House. “Huawei is a big concern of our military, of our intelligence agencies, and we are not doing business with Huawei.

“And we’ll see what happens with respect to China, but Huawei has been not a player that we want to discuss, (that) we want to talk about right now.”

The same leader once said that he would add Huawei as a part of trade talks with China while announcing the company as a security threat for the nation, revealing his dual standard.

Although, these remarks made by Trump cannot be taken the final decision on the matter but indicates, that the situation may change according to the negotiations with China.






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