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More than 130 US companies requests to sell to Huawei but Trump may not process the licenses



Earlier this month, the US commerce secretary Wilbur Ross said, that so far the department has received more than 50 application and waiting for more to process them all together, which according to a new report has now reached to more than a twice.

Trump says he doesn’t want to do business with Huawei and the reason is unhappy trade talks with China

According to Reuters, the Commerce Department has received more than 130 applications from the US companies to start a business with Huawei, said three sources familiar with this matter.

But the Trump government has not provided any licenses to allow sales to the telecom giant, said a source.

This is the results of US-China trade war’s recent escalation, that has reduced the chances for next stage processing of these license applications. Also, the current situation is generating billions of dollars of loss for chipmakers, software companies, and others that supplies to Huawei.

“Nobody in the executive branch knows what (Trump) wants and they’re all afraid to make a decision without knowing that,” said William Reinsch, a former Commerce Department official.

Back in May, Huawei was placed in the US Entity-List, a move to ban the company from purchasing US technologies citing national security threat from Huawei’s equipment, of which the company has repeatedly denied.

U.S. Commerce Department confirms 90 days extension for Huawei

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