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HarmonyOS soon coming to Huawei smartwatches and laptops, says global product manager



To get over from the disruption of the operating system for its device, Huawei has launched its HarmonyOS – designed to create a connected device ecosystem as well as seamless user experience.

Existing Huawei smartwatches to receive HarmonyOS upgrade

As recently, Huawei’s Senior Global Product Manager Peter Gauden told DigitalTrends, that HarmonyOS is “an operating system for the future,” that may soon appear on smartwatches and laptops sold outside of China.

Gauden told that HarmonyOS is not a new project for the company either and has been in development for a decade, plus Gauden doesn’t expect it to reach maturity for another 5 to 10 years.

“It’s designed to be used on current devices,” Gauden said about the software, and as is clear by the open-source nature, not just by Huawei either.

HarmonyOS, Gauden summed up, is “a single OS that covers everything, and works with all product types.”

Officially announced on August 9, HarmonyOS was first launched on Honor Vision Smart Screen on August 10 and soon will be expanded to other platforms.

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