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Over 800000 Dangerous Android and iOS Apps removed from Google Play Store and Apple App Store: Report



Android Apple Apps removed

Over 800,000 Android and iOS apps were removed from Google Play Store and Apple App Store, says a report. Recent info shows that the market-leading fraud protection organization Pixalate published the “H1 2021 delisted Apps Report” for both of these app distribution platforms.

According to the report, the analysis has tested over 5 billion apps combining both on Google Play and App Store. Among them, a total of 813,000 mobile applications has been found breaching users’ privacy, which accounted for 15% of the total applications available on these app markets in the first half of 2021.

The false apps have been delisted by the providers to avoid any further harm. However, data shows that the corresponding apps on Google Play account for around 9.3 billion downloads and 21 million reviews for the App Store, which shows their immense popularity.

The app that violated COPPA accounts for 86% of the Google apps and 98% of the Apple apps. More interestingly, around 66 percent of the apps are working after granting at least one dangerous permission. Meanwhile, 27% of the apps can access the location tracker, “19% of them can access devices’ camera”. That is horrible.

Android iOS apps removed

Report Encapsulation:

  1. More than 813,000 mobile applications have been removed from Google Play Store and Apple App Store in the first half of 2021
  2. The delisted Android apps have 9.3 billion installations meanwhile the iOS apps have 21.8 million users ratings.
  3. 86% of Google and 89% of Apple apps recognized of violation COPPA.
  4. About 26% of Russian applications have no privacy policy for Google Apps.
  5. App Store has removed 60% of apps from Chinese developers for having no privacy policy.
  6. 66% of delisted Google apps had at least one dangerous permission.
  7. 27% of applications are able to access GPS.
  8. 19% of the delisted application can access the camera and stored data as well.

About Pixalate:

Pixalate is one of the leading firms that work in the fraud protection, privacy, mobile advertising, and CTV analysis field. It provides analysis reports for the app available on Google, Apple, Roku, and Amazon app stores under 35 categories.

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