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WhatsApp sending new mute video feature for iOS users




WhatsApp iOS users start to receive a new update that installs new video controls for the users. The section has also got a new design that makes the features more visible for easy spotting. Now users will have more customization options while sending a video such as removing the video sound and changing the video format etc. It can really make a video more fun and save your time by providing more native editing features.

Users can easily recognize the new changes, just open a chat and try to send a video. You can see similar changes as described in the image below.

Let’s explore the image and check the new video controls-

WhatsApp Video Controls

(WhatsApp New Video Controls, Image From WABetInfo)

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New Features:

After receiving the new features, WhatsApp iOS users will get a newly sketched video sending section and will be able to-

  1. Mute the audio from the video: After removing the sound, the receiver will only see a mute clip.
  2. See the video duration corresponding to its uploading size: You can crop a video from both sizes and can also check its duration and size. It’ll let you send the necessary content in case of a data shortage.
  3. Able to turn video into GIF format: In case you are sending a really short clip, you can keep it in GIF format.


The WhatsApp beta for iOS version update will enable the new video controls for the users. If you have the update and are unable to see the controls, you might have to wait for the next update.

Besides, the Android users already got this update seven months ago. It has been released for the beta test tester and stable users as well. However, there is no news about the WhatsApp Desktop/Web users regards the controls.

Previous Update:

Recently, WhatsApp has rolled out a business directory for the WhatsApp business users in the Sao Paulo city of Brazil. It’ll allow the user to search for the nearby business and contact the authorities for convenience service.

Furthermore, users need not use seek help from any other application than WhatsApp. Besides, WhatsApp will soon shard a rollout schedule plan for other cities so that everyone can use this free-to-join feature.

(Source- WABetaInfo)

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