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Other companies can use HarmonyOS in their smartphones: Huawei Software Chief



Previously, the President of Huawei’s Consumer Business Software Department, Wang Chenglu during his Chinese Media interview discussed, revealed information about HarmonyOS AKA Hongmeng OS, and also answered the question and clears the doubts arriving in people’s minds.

He also throws light on HarmonyOS is whether the copy of Android or not. Regarding this doubt, Wang replied the technological circles or peoples have insufficient understanding of open-source software. Because not all the Android code is developed by Google, most codes are written by the source community.

If Huawei is projecting the source code of AOSP as the base of HarmonyOS, people can’t claim or judge that HarmonyOS changed on the skin of Android. This shows that people don’t know what is open-source software.

Apart from this, Wang added Hongmeng (HarmonyOS) is open for all. If other smartphone manufacturers want to use it, we will support it. He also put the spotlight on the HarmonyOS development ecosystem and said there is not a large number of developers to date.

Meanwhile,¬†Android has about 20 million developers and iOS has 24 million developers. The number of developers in the Hongmeng ecosystem is still far behind. However, the hardware and application manufacturers very much appreciate the company’s self-developed OS.

Talking about Hardware brand partners, most of the home appliance companies has joined hands with Huawei and started manufacturing the product with HarmonyOS support. In terms of software partners, the company has selected the top 200 app makers from the Chinese application market for download, use, and communication one by one.

In the end, Wang mentioned that due to U.S inclusion, Huawei is unable to do anything according to its own and facing a lot of difficulties since 2020. As a result, the market share is rapidly declining and the company’s position is not really good in the Chinese market.

This is not the first time when the company has offered its operating system to other smartphone makers, as the CEO of Huawei Consumer BG also said that Huawei can help all Chinese smartphone makers to use HarmonyOS and Huawei Mobile Services (HMS).

300-400 million HarmonyOS in 2021:

Huawei will install HarmonyOS (Hongmeng OS) in 300-400 devices of Huawei and its partners including 200 million smartphones of the Chinese tech giant and 100 million smart and more third-party devices in the year 2021.

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