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Huawei Hongmeng OS devices will not allow harmful applications in the app ecosystem



HarmonyOS Wang Chenglu

HarmonyOS AKA Hongmeng OS was Huawei’s own developed operating system, introduced with the latest distributed capabilities to provide a new user experience to all devices across the scenario.

According to the official HarmonyOS version timeline, HarmonyOS 1.0 (2019) adopted by smart screens followed by HarmonyOS 2.0 (2020) installed by PCs, smartwatches, bands, and in-vehicle systems, HarmonyOS 3.0 (2021) will be received by smartphones, speaker, and headphone. At last HarmonyOS 4.0 (2022) will be delivered for VR glass and more.

Recently, Huawei Consumer Business Software Department’s President, Wang Chenglu in front of Chinese Media revealed that the company aims to introduce around 300 million units with pre-installed HarmonyOS in 2021. Read more

The product list includes 200 million units of the smartphone, 30+ million MatePads, smartwatches, smart screens, speakers, and more as well as other devices in partnership.

In the context of the domestic application (Chinese app), Wang said there was some Chinese app available in the market, which has more cons as compared to pros such as short video applications and games. Additionally, he mentioned that Huawei will never enter the field of games.

“I think there are some applications in China whose disadvantages are far greater than the contributions they bring, such as short video applications and games. In the Hongmeng ecosystem, I would never do this. Also, My team will never enter the game field ” Wang commented.

The software chief further describes which application will appear on HarmonyOS installed devices, HarmonyOS ecosystem management team must discuss in advance important apps and make sure that the system should be clean, pure, and safe.

During the interview, Wang also denied Hongmeng OS is a reskinned Android and replied that the technological circles or peoples have insufficient understanding of open-source software.


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