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Not receiving new software update on your Huawei Phone? Try these solutions



Huawei rolls out smartphone firmware every month and some of our beloved readers are always stuck on an old version. This is a major issue among Huawei phone users as they suddenly stop receiving a new software update.

However, there are some solutions that may come to your rescue.


This is the ultimate tool to resolve your phone’s software update issue. Before we begin, let me share a recent experience and how HiSuite helped me to fetch new firmware.

Following the installation of the February 2023 software update. I’ve searched for the latest software update on my Huawei P40 Pro global version but it was still stuck on the previous patch.

The phone continues to show that there is no new update via phone’s updates settings. Then I plugged my device into the PC and installed HiSuite. Right after, the software collected March 2023 upgrade on the screen.


HiSuite takes your phone’s device id and fetches the firmware directly from the Huawei server. It can download and install the update right away.

HiSuite instructions:

First, you need to get the latest HiSuite application from the official website (link) for your PC. You can also operate via Mac. Note that the installation procedure is simple but you need to follow the device connection steps carefully.

Connect Device:

Plug your Huawei phone into your PC via the original Huawei USB cable. Once connected, assign HDB access to move forward.

Open settings > search for “HDB” and open “Allow connection via HDB”. Follow the instructions on your PC after enabling HDB.

Once completed, the phone will start installing HiSuite mobile version. Complete the installation by accepting the terms and provide app permissions.

Now you need to enter your connection keycode from your phone to HiSuite (PC). That’s it, your phone is now connected to HiSuite app.

Check for update.

Locate the “Update” button on the bottom side of the options and tap. The software will check for new firmware and pop it up on your screen.

Not receiving new software update Huawei phone

Click on the “Update” button to download and install the new version.

Not receiving new software update Huawei phone

Change ID:

The secondary option in our list of solutions includes changing the region of your Huawei ID. This may resolve the issue of not receiving a new software update for your Huawei phone.

To change your Huawei ID region, open AppGallery, visit the “Me” section, and Settings. Now visit the Country/Region option on the bottom side and select a different country.

There you have it, if these things don’t work for you, visit your nearest Huawei Store and schedule a device checkup.

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