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Major UI, animations changes and features of HarmonyOS 2 will rollout in July



On June 2, Huawei unveiled a new operating system – HarmonyOS 2, based on micro-kernel technology. This new software is powered by Huawei’s distributed capabilities that provide a seamless user experience of data on different devices.

Although HarmonyOS 2 comes with lots of new features for smartphones but the power of distributed capabilities is one of the main specialties that make HarmonyOS different from other OS. Super Device is a good example of such capability.

According to the latest information, HarmonyOS 2 will get a major upgrade next month, and it’ll bring a number of new features to improve the overall user experience and take it to the next level.

Information suggests that the upcoming software upgrade will install new dynamic user interface effects and a new UX design. There will also be new distributed features including:

  • Distributed camera
  • Distributed document management
  • Distributed Tasks
  • Distributed Sharing

There will be more features that will join these in the rollout procedure.

Could come with Huawei P50?

Huawei is preparing to unveil its next P series flagship – the Huawei P50 series. Reports suggest that this flagship will debut in July, if so, then the company will likely rollout these features along with this new smartphone and make it special.

Later on, Huawei will make them available for other devices that are already the recipient of the HarmonyOS 2.

Following this news, we are excited to see what new changes Huawei will be bringing for HarmonyOS 2 users next month. As we’re eagerly waiting for them to rollout.

If you want to know more about HarmonyOS features check the article linked below.

(Source – Weibo)

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