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Loongson Technology joins Huawei OpenEuler Community



Loongson openeuler

On November 8, 2021, China’s Loongson Technology has announced to sign Contributor License Agreement (CLA) and joined the OpenEuler open source community. This is a great move as previously well-known industry faces also joined the OpenEuler open source ecosystem.

Loongson is the name of a family of general-purpose, MIPS architecture-compatible, microprocessors, as well as the name of the Chinese fabless company (Loongson Technology) that develops them. The processors are alternately called Godson processors, which are described as their academic names.

OpenEuler source community has welcomed LoongArch architecture chip manufacturer representatives – Loongson. In the future, Godson and Euler’s open source community will join hands to carry out more technical practices and explorations.

Under this new agreement, both companies promised to adapt the operation of multiple computing architecture systems, fully inherit the computing capabilities of different architectures, and the operating system plays an important role in connecting the previous and the next.

Loongson openeuler

As an operating system that supports diverse computing power, OpenEuler supports multiple processor architectures such as x86, Arm, RISC-V, and LoongArch.

Huawei Kunpeng and Feiteng have joined openEuler as representatives of the manufacturers of the Arm architecture. On the other hand, the openEuler based on the RISC-V architecture provided by the Software Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has successfully run on the nutshell processor.

That’s not it, the OpenEuler platform is continuously growing and it’ll keep adding new manufacturers to the OpenEuler ecosystem.


Recently, NestOS, a cloud-based operating system released on the Cloud Native SIG of the Huawei EulerOS open source community. This new cloud base operating system provides the best container host and safe features to run containerization tasks on a large scale.

Nest os is based on EulerOS provides enhanced security, compatibility, and easy-to-use features along with high Reliability. It meets the increasing requirements of Linux OS in enterprise applications and provides a suitable choice of open IT platform for users.

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