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Huawei OpenEuler operating system donation announced




During the Operating System Industry Summit 2021, Huawei has officially announced the donation of its OpenEuler operating system open source code to OpenAtom Foundation.

Huawei will donate the full amount of OpenEuler open source operating system code, brand trademarks, community infrastructure, and other related assets to the OpenAtom Open Source Foundation to build more Strong digital infrastructure, said Wang Tao, Executive Director of Huawei and Director of the ICT infrastructure Business Management Committee.


OpenEuler has been upgraded from a server operating system to an operating system for digital infrastructure, supporting the full scenarios of digital infrastructure such as IT, CT, and OT, covering the needs of various forms such as server, cloud, edge, and embedded.

With the release of version 21.09, openEuler already includes four application scenarios:

  • Server
  • Cloud native
  • Edge computing
  • Embedded System

Currently, the OpenEuler community has around 10000 developers, around a hundred special interest groups, and 300 partner companies. This operating system enables huge possibilities and combines the power of processors, machines, basic software, application software, industry customers, and other partners in the entire industry chain.

Huawei openeuler

Chinese mainstream operating system manufacturers have also launched commercial releases based on OpenEuler, which is in the core systems in the government, operators, finance, energy, power, transportation, and other industries.

Euler Commercial version has exceeded 600,000 sets and it is expected to achieve the first new market share in China’s server by next year.

Huawei Vice President and President of computing product line – Deng Taihua promised Euler’s donation in the keynote speech of the conference. He said, Huawei will continue to invest and promote the use cases and the development of OpenEuler operating system in terms of five aspects:

  1. Technological innovation
  2. Ecosystem construction
  3. Commercial promotion
  4. Open Source construction
  5. Talent Development

So, what’s under this donation?

the content of this Euler donation includes code and software packages. Millions of lines of Huawei’s self-developed code copyrights and intellectual property licenses, more than 8,000 software packages verified by Huawei and the community; innovation projects.

Huawei’s innovative iSula, A-Tune, Stratovirt, secGear projects. Trademarks: openEuler and iSula, A-Tune, Stratovirt, secGear projects, a total of 30 Chinese and English trademark brands. Domain names: and its subdomains, and and its subdomains, A total of 4. It also includes community infrastructure: building community infrastructure such as service and testing systems, code hosting, and community operation platforms.

Open Atom:

Aside from OpenEuler, OpenAtom Foundation also has the open source code rights of OpenHarmony project, which is the open source code of HarmonyOS.

OpenAtom OpenSource Foundation is a joint community collaboratively formed by the leading companies including Huawei Alibaba, Baidu, Inspur, Qihoo, Tencent, China Merchants Bank, and so on. It aims to develop an open framework and international open-source communities in the industry.

It offers neutral management of intellectual property, consultation, operation, marketing, education, and training-related services concerning the open-source software, hardware, chips, and contents.

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