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HarmonyOS will become China’s second largest smartphone operating system: TechInsights



HarmonyOS largest operating system

TechInsights has published a new report predicting that Huawei HarmonyOS will become the second-largest smartphone operating system in China. The company’s self-developed OS will soon replace Apple’s iOS from the top position in the native region.

According to the details, Android and iOS will continue to lead the software sector in the global market with dynamic features. However, Huawei is likely to crumble Android and iOS shares in the home ground with the upcoming HarmonyOS NEXT version.

Eventually, HarmonyOS NEXT will be an independent operating system, just like Android and iOS. Though a major challenge for Huawei in the software segment would be how to make its new OS a game changer version and more beneficial for users.

The report points out that the Chinese tech giant will achieve a new milestone in 2024 when the HarmonyOS NEXT is put into active usage. Huawei is constantly meeting new partners to boost the expansion of the HarmonyOS ecosystem.

HarmonyOS largest operating system

On the other hand, the company is focusing on significant features that can increase HarmonyOS 4 efficiency for consumers. Listing out these efforts, the report suggests that Huawei will make a strong comeback in 2024 and its self-developed HarmonyOS will become the second-largest operating system.

Apart from these inputs, the TechInsights report assumes that Huawei could get relief from supply chain challenges and trade restrictions in the coming months. Hence, there could be good news for Kirin chipsets in the time ahead.

2024 – a vital year for HarmonyOS

Earlier, the Chief Operating Officer of Huawei Smartphone Business Group – He Gang said that 2024 will be a crucial year for the evolution of the HarmonyOS ecosystem. The company will look for new opportunities that can enhance its software aspects.

Perhaps, it is just the beginning and we will get more surprising details for the HarmonyOS NEXT version till its launch timeframe.

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