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Honor MagicOS 8.0 launched with Smart Capsule, Magic lock screen, and new improvements



Honor MagicOS 8 launched

It’s January 10 and Honor has launched the MagicOS 8.0 operating system with a range of exciting features and improvements. In addition, the AI segment has been a highlight of the entire show. So without any further ados, let’s dive into the details and explore a new phase of MagicOS software.

MagicOS 8.0 and AI

To begin with, Honor mentioned that the new operating system lands on the floor with fully integrated platform-level AI services. The company introduced its self-developed large AI model – MagicLM. Notably, the model also resides in the MagicOS to provide smart facilities.

In terms of features, the MagicLM supports smart video editing, intelligent gallery searches, and one-stop scheduling. This model is also associated with the Baidu Smart Cloud model for delivering a more productive experience to users.

“MagicOS 8.0 and MagicLM represent a significant milestone in Honor’s on-device AI endeavors, and are a significant step towards bringing next-generation human-device interaction and ecosystem to users.” – said the company’s CEO Zhao Ming.

Honor MagicOS 8 launched

Files Anywhere Door – Magic Portal

Based on the MagicLM AI model, MagicOS 8.0 features the Files Anywhere Door – also known as Magic Portal. It is a smart shortcut feature that enables you to switch and access apps or services directly via simple swipe gestures.

Users can long-press on the text, images, files, videos, and other media content to drag them from one place to another and store them accordingly. You can store purchase details, passwords, and vital inputs to use them quickly when needed. Magic Portal will support 100+ apps from different categories.

Magic Lock Screen and UI

Honor has keenly focused on the user interface and said that MagicOS 8.0 has an Intent-based UI (IUI). It features new fonts, themes, gestures, images, and eye movements to understand a user’s intent and offer services according to it.

Besides, the Magic Lock Screen adds a new definition to lock screen operations. You can pick your favorite styles, themes, or wallpapers and can edit the lock interface by simply pinching it with two fingers.

Users can even set the family picture on the lock screen and based on the color matching algorithm, the lock screen will auto-generate a poster-level image. Thus, you get a personalized lock screen and can even adjust blur effects, lighting, and more.

Honor MagicOS 8 launched

Smart Capsule

Honor MagicOS 8.0 has launched with an upgraded Smart capsule feature which is even better than the iPhone’s Dynamic Island. It quickly integrates with apps and displays the current operations in a capsule-like structure, providing an efficient interactive experience.

The details reveal that this feature covers several notifications related to flights, taxis, high-speed rails, takeaways, express delivery, movie tickets, system services, and more. It further supports voice reminders and makes daily tasks more convenient.

Other features and improvements:

Apart from major additions, Honor has imposed better charging capabilities, and a new landscape mode that effectively shows time, weather, termperture, and more. In terms of improvements, the company has optimized functions related to smart connectivity, performance, privacy, and security, as well as visual aesthetics.

Honor MagicOS 8 launched

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