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L5 level autonomous driving technology is still far away: President Huawei ADS



The 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference has officially concluded on July 10. At the event, the worldwide technology firms, expertise, and media partners gathered and thoroughly review the respective AI-related fields.

Su Qing, President and Chief Architect of Intelligent Driving Product Line at Huawei also participant in the discussion on behalf of the company. During his discussion about the automotive industry, he stated L5 level autonomous technology is still far away at present.

This is the most contentious statement in the whole event. However, concerning the overwhelming demands for L5 technology the provisions of serval firms also agree with President Qing.

President Su Qing’s explanation:

The Huawei ADS chief believes that L5 autonomous technology will always remain a dream in the automotive industry.

He further explains that L5 technology is defined as the function, which can run at any time, any place, and in any condition. This entire scenario is impossible to achieve with digital technology.

According to him, a human is also failed sometimes to this, so the machine is more likely to e master this. Unlike speed and strength, the L5 is more about surprise conditions, which need the most precise and prompt decision.

Furthermore, he pointed the event we already bring the L4 autonomous technology for the smart car but when it comes to implementation, we still use the L3 level at present. Certainly, the Huawei ADS is also no exception that is found on L4 architecture with combined programming of L4 and L2.

Tesla’s expectation:

Before, Elon Musk- CEO of Tesla stated that his company will soon introduce the L5 level autonomous driving technology. Furthermore, he said that the company will achieve its goal by the end of 2020. However, we have reached the mid of 2021 but Tesla is still testing the L5.

The reaction of other firms:

As I mentioned earlier, executives of other firms also agree with President Su’s opinion regarding L5 technology.

The co-CEO of Zebra Zhixing– Zhang Chunhui stated that most tech firms still use the L1 and L2 level autonomous technology. Additionally, several firms with advanced technology reached the L4 but we still haven’t reach nearby of L5 level yet.

The representative of Xiaopemg Motors commented that mixed traffic between people and vehicles is the biggest barrier in realizing L5 autonomous driving.

Apart from this, the Huawei ADS chief also pointed out some other problems such as different rules for autonomous driving models in different countries. For example, the US has a “right of way” rule which isn’t applicable in China.

Moreover, the L5 level technology is still far away at hist view, as there are many roadblocks to overcome, which is all about unexpected conditions. At present, AI is still unable to implement the L5 autonomous.

(Via- Sohu Chinese)

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