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Huawei HarmonyOS Developer Day set for July 31, what is coming?



Huawei has officially confirmed that Huawei HarmonyOS Developer Day is set for the stage in Hangzhou, China on July 31st, 2021. According to the information, this event will be broadcasted through online platforms.

Adding to this, this event will be attended by 20+ technical experts, more than 300 developers, and over 15 keynotes will be delivered by experts. Also, the Keynote speech subject includes:

  • HarmonyOS: The operating system in the era of the Internet of Everything
  • Interpretation of HarmonyOS Professional Certification
  • HarmonyOS overall design concept, key scenarios, and architecture interpretation of Super Device
  • In-depth interpretation of HarmonyOS application framework
  • Partner case sharing
  • HarmonyOS Codelabs development overview

Below you can check the full activity Agenda:

New Technology Presentation

  • 13: 30-13: 50 – HarmonyOS Application/Service Development Platform and Tools
  • 13: 50-14: 10 – Quick Start Application Development: Introduction to HarmonyOS Sample
  • 14: 10-14: 30 – New Features of HarmonyOS Service Card
  • 14: 30-14: 50 – HarmonyOS Application Development Foundation-Ability
  • 14: 50-15: 20 – Introduction to HarmonyOS Service Card Architecture and Card Template
  • 15: 20-15: 40 – HarmonyOS Gallery Service Card Development Case Sharing
  • 15: 40-16: 00 – HarmonyOS Cards You Never Expected Game
  • 16: 00-16: 20 – HarmonyOS component library usage practice
  • 16: 20-16: 40 – Cocos engine application exploration on HarmonyOS multi-device

Besides this, Huawei also has the plan to conduct interactive experience activities including face-to-face communication with experts and exploration of new technologies.

  • Codelabs: Invites you to experience fun and an interesting new demo.
  • Cooperative Partner Case Gallery: Experiences HarmonyOS 2 innovation results.
  • Hands-on Lab: Teach you zero-based development of HarmonyOS 2 service cards.

On the other hand, Huawei also has other HarmonyOS events scheduled before this day such as HarmonyOS Connect Partner Summit and HarmonyOS Application Service Summit.

To be mentioned, HarmonyOS Connect Partner Summit is set for July 16th while HarmonyOS Application Service Summit will be scheduled to happen on July 30th in China. Also, the company is planning to explain new HarmonyOS Connect solutions and more.

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