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Huawei is able to affect Tesla’s business without even building a car



It’s been a long time since Huawei is standing on a no-car-making policy and only focusing on ICT Technology to helps the OEMs in building a good car.

Not to talk about, the SERES Huawei Smart Selection SF5 series has crossed the 10,000 reservations. Meanwhile, the company will start delivering this model by the 29th of May 2021 in small batches. (Read More)

However, this work is not easy as stated by Sina Finance, a Huawei staff revealed that SERES is entering the production and speed up it because of overwhelming orders. As the matter of fact, the customer will have to wait for three months for delivery after making the order.

In this line, the latest report from Huawei global flagship store situated in Nanjing East Road, Shanghai revealed that in a half-hour this car is inquired by 20 car owners.

Even, the automobile maker Tesla isn’t able to get the customers, who are coming to Huawei flagship stores for the test drive of the model. This matter has been reached to the point that even the salespersons are thinking about switching jobs.

Furthermore, the company is also preparing to expand the sale business and wants to add more stores to promote car sales. It may be one of the reasons that are attracting the salespeople for changing their jobs.

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The SERES Huawei Smart Selection SF5 was launched back in April and the first model to put o the selves of the company’s flagship store for sale.

To be mentioned, Huawei has clearly made confirm many times that the company isn’t planning to step into the smart car business, nor want to hold the shares of the automobile makers. (Read More)

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New Huawei Avita 11 car launching on March 19




Huawei New Avita 11

Car maker, AVATR (Avita) announced a new single-motor version of the Avita 11 smart car that will launch on March 19 and it will be packed with Huawei Hi smart car solutions.

Avatr is a joint venture between Changan Automobile, lithium-ion battery provider CATL, and Huawei, the Avatr 11 is underpinned by the EP1 platform.

Huawei has no shares in Avatr but it supplies important hardware including electric motors and software for smart driving, connectivity, and infotainment system powered by the HarmonyOS operating system.

Huawei said, “Avita 11 single-motor version will make its public debut as a marathon pilot car, leading a new challenge with smart driving!”

New Avita 11 Huawei

Avita 11:

Last year, Huawei launched Avita 11 series which has dual-motor four-wheel drive. Talking about the specifications, the respective car surfs on the new-generation electric vehicle technology.

Further, it has a capacity of accelerating a range of 680/555 kilometers with a maximum external power of 425 kilowatts. The agile vehicle also brings along the fastest zero-to-hundred acceleration, which is 3.98 seconds.

Additionally, Avita 11 packs an ultra-long battery life version. Alternatively, this high-voltage battery provides a lifespan of 116kWh. Moreover, it supports fast charging of 750 V with a maximum fast charging speed of 240 kW.


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AITO changes car promotion to ‘Huawei Wenjie’




Huawei Wenjie

Today, Huawei and its smart car partner AITO shared a post on Weibo to open a new chapter of a partnership for Wenjie cars, as well as new technologies.

According to the information, AITO wrote “Every place you want to go is a destination. where to go You decide! HUAWEI asks the world, go where you want to go.”

It seems like a usual slogan but the car maker also shared a promotional image, which shows “Huawei Wenjie” and replaced “AITO Wenjie”. There is also a video teaser, which also added a similar branding.

This change appeared quietly and people online marked the difference with several theories.

Huawei Wenjie

Last month, AITO featured the Huawei logo (including chrysanthemum) on the promotional poster of the AITO M7. This news also raised eyebrows.

Huawei AITO Cooperation

Huawei’s Response:

On the latest matter, Huawei issued a statement, saying that Wenjie is Huawei’s ecosystem car brand and a new business model created by Huawei.

Huawei provides core software and hardware technologies such as electrification and smart components. The cooperation also includes product definition, user experience, quality control, channel retailing, and brand marketing to help car companies sell good cars.

Huawei is also helping car companies to achieve commercial success and large-scale sales of Huawei’s smart auto parts. Huawei says SERES is the car company that cooperated with Huawei the earliest and deepest.

“The two companies signed a business-deepening cooperation agreement in February this year. The two firms will further promote the establishment of a joint innovation center to provide users with a more efficient and convenient smart travel experience and lead a new era of the intelligent automobile industry,” concludes Huawei.

Aside from Huawei’s statement, one thing is for sure Huawei and AITO’s parent SERES are growing their steps further into the smart car world.

A recent agreement with SERES aims at 1 million vehicle sales by 2026. On the other hand, the two partners are planning to launch a new flagship car platform by this year.

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Huawei AITO M7 is receiving OTA V1.0.105 upgrade



Aito M7 SUV launch

Yu Chengdong, Huawei Smart Car Business CEO announced that the AITO M7 smart car is receiving a new V1.0.105 OTA update with a number of new features and improvements.

According to the information, the new update has features for HarmonyOS smart cockpit system. It brought in 160 optimizations including the new smart car search mode.

The latest V1.0.105 version AITO M7 system can automatically identify and send parking space information to the AITO app, making it easier for everyone to find a car parking. This update also improves the smart voice assistant Celia.

To check parking space information on a Huawei phone, open the “AITO App” in the “Love Car” -> “Location” interface, and click “Use Smart to Find a Car”.

After the smart car search switch is turned on, it is necessary to complete the parking into the garage and lock the car before the AITO application on the mobile phone can receive the detailed location information of the vehicle.

The floor identification information currently only supports underground parking lots in core business districts and transportation hubs in some Chinese cities. For more details on this matter, see the AITO official website. If the garage network signal is poor, the AITO mobile app may not be able to receive the detailed location information of the vehicle.

Celia has added 4 new commands: Start to work, go home after work, take a rest for a day trip, open the door, and turn down the volume. When going to work in the morning, when the user sits in the driver’s seat, Celia will greet you (the welcome message can be customized).

It could then remind today’s schedule (from the calendar of the car), play music (optional Huawei music or the radio, the default is the morning music station of the radio), and automatically navigate to the company.

Additionally, Celia will reduce the volume of music when the door is opened (you can customize the volume value, the default is 10% Volume). It will be resumed to a normal state when the door is closed.

Now one sentence can give Celia 5 consecutive voice commands. These include “close the window”, “turn on the AC”, “turn on the seat heating”, “play music”, and “navigate to the company”.

M7 users can now operate left, right, up, and down for scroll and swipe features on Settings, video, and home screen via voice command.

Furthermore, there is a new calendar feature, which can create schedules, automatic schedule reminders, one-key navigation of calendar addresses, and more. Simultaneously, the mobile phone schedule can be automatically synchronized to the car.

Huawei AITO M7 V1.0.105

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