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Huawei is able to affect Tesla’s business without even building a car



It’s been a long time since Huawei is standing on a no-car-making policy and only focusing on ICT Technology to helps the OEMs in building a good car.

Not to talk about, the SERES Huawei Smart Selection SF5 series has crossed the 10,000 reservations. Meanwhile, the company will start delivering this model by the 29th of May 2021 in small batches. (Read More)

However, this work is not easy as stated by Sina Finance, a Huawei staff revealed that SERES is entering the production and speed up it because of overwhelming orders. As the matter of fact, the customer will have to wait for three months for delivery after making the order.

In this line, the latest report from Huawei global flagship store situated in Nanjing East Road, Shanghai revealed that in a half-hour this car is inquired by 20 car owners.

Even, the automobile maker Tesla isn’t able to get the customers, who are coming to Huawei flagship stores for the test drive of the model. This matter has been reached to the point that even the salespersons are thinking about switching jobs.

Furthermore, the company is also preparing to expand the sale business and wants to add more stores to promote car sales. It may be one of the reasons that are attracting the salespeople for changing their jobs.

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The SERES Huawei Smart Selection SF5 was launched back in April and the first model to put o the selves of the company’s flagship store for sale.

To be mentioned, Huawei has clearly made confirm many times that the company isn’t planning to step into the smart car business, nor want to hold the shares of the automobile makers. (Read More)

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