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Kunpeng OS is based on EulerOS and supports Huawei chipset




Chinese tech company Chengdu Jingrong Chuanglian Technology has launched a new open source EulerOS based operating system called Zhongtian Kunpeng.

Jingrong Chuanglian is a high-tech enterprise and the firm focuses on basic software and hardware research and development. It has formed a complete and stable system solution for Chinese chips with different architectures.

Looking at the software, the Zhongtian Kunpeng adds a new innovative feature for scene optimization based on the traditional desktop operating system.

The EulerOS based Zhongtian Kunpeng operating system is specially designed for remote communication, industrial control, IoT industry, Aerospace, and other embedded terminal devices fields.

Information reveals that KunpengOS is suitable for different processor and hardware platforms. Interestingly, it also supports Huawei HiSilicon 3093 series, Kunpeng 920 series, and Phytium FT2000/4.

Kunpeng EulerOS

Below you can check all of the features and capabilities of Zhongtian Kunpeng OS.

It has new real time scheduling technology, which allows real-time domain extension of the kernel through hybrid deployment to ensure the real-time performance of embedded scenarios.

Security is another aspect that the company focused on with this software. It provides multi-level security mechanisms, including stack protection, process isolation, file system encryption, and more. This can effectively protect the security of embedded systems.

It also supports business-oriented redundant deployment, online update, health monitoring, virtualization isolation technology, and other important features for vast use cases.

Easy-to-use software provides the best user experience, the OpenEuler allows the software to keeps up with the continuous optimization and upgrading of the community. It has good compatibility with middleware and business software and has adapted to a variety of Chinese hardware platforms.

This combination provides an integrated development environment and supporting R&D tool support, enabling a smart basic library platform.

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