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Huawei Euler operating system exceeds 2.45 million installations



Huawei Euler installations

Today, at the 2022 Full Connect Conference, Huawei informed that Euler operating system excelled with a huge number of installations. To date, Euler is actively running 2.45 million products and has offered efficient performance.

Huawei has been serving in the 2022 Full Connect Conference. The event was held from November 7 to November 9. Ultimately, the company unveiled several concepts of HarmonyOS, Kunpeng, Ascend AI, and the Euler system.

While describing technical factors, Huawei’s Executive Director and the ICT Infrastructure Business Management Committee Director – Wang Tao revealed that Huawei Euler has exceeded 2.45 million installations till now.

Significantly, Euler has managed the difficult steps of ecological growth. As of now, it will more productive and reliant in terms of providing services and durable functioning. On the other hand, HarmonyOS has also surpassed 320 million installations.

This is a huge achievement and developers are looking forward to some new tweaks and pinches in the Euler system. However, Huawei hasn’t uttered any word on this matter.

Huawei Euler installations

openEuler innovative version

Just like OpenHarmony, Huawei’s openEuler system is an open-source Linux distribution surface. The operating system provides a huge platform for global developers to develop and create innovative software and applications.

In October this year, the new openEuler 22.09 version was released with several thoughtful features. Besides, it also holds finer interconnection capabilities between HarmonyOS and Euler systems. It optimizes the kernel elements and revamps the geographic inspections.

As a result, user experiences better integration and facilities between both systems. Notably, the 22.09 openEuler build includes the participation of 1,265 developers. Further, it has 670 million existing code lines and 20.12 million new code lines.

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Four key factors to digital infrastructure

Additionally, Wang Tao described the four aspects that contribute to digital evolution. These are network architecture, strong computing power, a diversified software ecosystem, and an open digital surface.

Eventually, these measures will bring new opportunities for digitalization.


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