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July 2021 EMUI security patch details goes online



July 2021 EMUI security patch

Huawei has finally released July 2021 security patch details that will be soon dispatched for Huawei devices running on EMUI Android-based operating system.

At the moment, Huawei’s main focus is on HarmonyOS 2.0 rollout in mainland China and the company is rapidly progressing to complete the aim of upgrading 360 million devices over HarmonyOS 2.0 by end of 2021.

Additionally, Huawei also began pushing the separate HarmonyOS security improvements for devices that are completely working on HM OS 2.0.

What about the Huawei device users, which are still on EMUI versions?

Well, Huawei has not forgotten devices that are still on EMUI custom skin and also about their system security. The security update is very important and protects the device against viruses.

On this subject, the Chinese tech giant has published the July 2021 security patch details Security Bulletin. So, let’s explore how many common vulnerabilities and exposures fixes with this patch.

What’s fixes with July 2021 security patch:

This security update fixes 21 high, and 28 medium levels of CVE, which defend the device against threats. Check the full CVE details below.

July 2021 EMUI security patch

The following are the CVE announced in July 2021 EMUI security update Android security bulletin.

Critical: none

High: CVE-2021-0599,CVE-2020-0417,CVE-2021-0585,CVE-2021-0586,CVE-2021-0587,CVE-2021-0588,CVE-2021-0589,CVE-2021-0590,CVE-2021-0594,CVE-2021-0596,CVE-2021-0597,CVE-2021-0486,CVE-2021-0600,CVE-2021-0601,CVE-2021-0602,CVE-2021-0604,CVE-2021-0441,CVE-2021-0478,CVE-2021-0512,CVE-2020-11267,CVE-2020-14305

Medium: CVE-2021-0534,CVE-2021-0535,CVE-2021-0537,CVE-2021-0538,CVE-2021-0539,CVE-2021-0541,CVE-2021-0542,CVE-2021-0544,CVE-2021-0545,CVE-2021-0546,CVE-2021-0547,CVE-2021-0548,CVE-2021-0549,CVE-2021-0553,CVE-2021-0555,CVE-2021-0556,CVE-2021-0557,CVE-2021-0558,CVE-2021-0559,CVE-2021-0561,CVE-2021-0562,CVE-2021-0564,CVE-2021-0567,CVE-2021-0569,CVE-2021-0570,CVE-2021-0572,CVE-2021-0606,CVE-2021-0605

Low: none

Already included in previous updates: CVE-2020-0267,CVE-2020-0478,CVE-2021-0489,CVE-2021-0490,CVE-2021-0491,CVE-2021-0492,CVE-2021-0493,CVE-2021-0494,CVE-2021-0495,CVE-2021-0496,CVE-2021-0497,CVE-2021-0498,CVE-2021-0571,CVE-2020-1971,CVE-2021-0563,CVE-2021-0513,CVE-2021-0368,CVE-2021-0536,CVE-2021-0529,CVE-2021-0530,CVE-2021-0526,CVE-2021-0532,CVE-2021-0533,CVE-2021-0525,CVE-2021-0527,CVE-2021-0528,CVE-2021-0531

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